ROMANIA: 10 things you didn’t know about Ovidiu Anton

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Ovidiu Anton is celebrating having been selected to represent Romania at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. Congratulations, Ovidiu! But who is this enigmatic man with the huge voice? We took a look and sourced 10 quick facts about him, just for you.

Who is he? Ovidiu Anton is a singer, songwriter and musician born from Bucharest, Romania.

How old is he? Ovidiu was born on 24th February 1983. This makes him 33, and a Pisces. By nature, Pisceans are intuitive, selfless and supportive. This fishy fellow sounds like a real softie!

Happy Birthday! Ovidiu shares his birthday with late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, actor Billy Zane, and boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Child prodigy: Ovidiu first trod the boards of the stage at the tender age of six. He studied guitar and piano at music school.

Rocker: Ovidiu has a passion for rock music which shines through in his compositions. In 1998, he formed the band Carpe Diem and toured with them for four years. Rock and roll!

High achiever: Ovidiu has a string of achievements under his belt. In 2003, he came second in the Mamaia National Festival 2003 with his own song, Vreau (I Want). Then between 2004-2006, he was named Valedictorian of the Star School TV reality competition. He also represented Romania at the Golden International Festival in 2005.

Eurovision: This isn’t the first time Ovidiu has participated in a Eurovision selection. In fact, according to this interview, this is the FIFTH time! They say ‘third time’s the charm’. For Ovidiu, 5 is obviously the magic number!

Romania: Although Romania has competed at Eurovision 17 times, they have yet to score a win. Can Ovidiu change all that? Watch this space!

Connect with Ovidiu: Want to wish him good luck? You can find Ovidiu on Facebook.

Check him out on YouTube: Did you know Ovidiu has his own YouTube channel? Yes, he does! To listen to ‘A Moment of Silence’ or any of his earlier works, subscribe here.


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland






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