Eurovision 2016

MACEDONIA : Initial Thoughts on Kaliopi’s Eurovision 2016 Song ‘Dona’


Kaliopi aka ‘Bella Dona’ presented #Dona for Eurovision 2016 in Macedonia. WOW!

MRT tonight held a special show to reveal and celebrate the release of Kaliopi’s song for Eurovision 2016 – ‘Dona’.

How could she better her 2012 Eurovision entry ‘Crno I Belo’? Would it even be possible? In one word ‘YES’!

What Kaliopi and Romeo have presented to us is an anthemic power ballad with possibly the musical hook of Eurovision 2016 so far – ‘Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona’ – simple yet totally memorable.

There are few singers that have a voice that you recognise instantly but that is what Kaliopi has. Powerful yet tender, light and shade yet at all times bursting with emotion. Kaliopi sings with every inch of her of her body and soul like she has done throughout her career and ‘Dona’ is no exception.

Do you remember the amazing female rock band Heart who brought us musical gems like ‘Alone’ and ‘These Dreams’, well Kaliopi brings that style of music right up to date with ‘Dona’. A sound that mixes soul, rock, pop and orchestral music together in a perfect 3 minute package.


The song is a masterclass for song writers in story telling – whether you understand the language being sung or not. ‘Dona’ has a distinctive beginning, middle and ending that all culminate in a rousing climax.

You can just imagine this song on the big stage in Stockholm already. You can see the audience all holding their mobile phones up in a sea of lights that will look amazing. As Elaine from the team says “Can you imagine the credits rolling down at the end of the song?” – Well that is a possibility.


What is wonderful is to hear the song sung in its national language that adds even more mystery and intrigue to ‘Dona’.

Macedonia’s best result at Eurovision has been 12th and that was back in 2006 when Elena Risteska sang “Ninanajna”. Well expect that result to be bettered this year!

Welcome to the competition Macedonia. Bravo Kaliopi, Romeo and Macedonia – Did it again!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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