Eurovision 2015

THE VOICE : Eurovision Singer Through To The Live Battles


THE VOICE : We reported earlier in the week that ‘The Voice’ tonight in Ireland would see a Eurovision star return to the screens. Would she get through the ‘Blind Auditions’ and through to the live battles?

Irish Eurovision representative from 1985  Maria Christian (Maria Cuche married name) took to the stage in ‘The Voice’ and we saw the result a couple of hours ago!

You may remember that Maria spoke to us last year telling us of her hopes of returning to Eurovision (See Here). Well she has a new home on your TV and it will be Sunday’s on RTE’s ‘The Voice’ in Ireland.

Performing the Beyoncé ‘If I Were Boy’ it was down to the last second for The Voice judge and Saturdays band manager Una Foden turned around.

So congratulations to Maria and we will see her again on TV!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Voice


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  1. Normally I don’t like negative people on the Internet, but my God this was really bad I’m sorry to say. I think I was embarrassed for her. I feld sorry for her. I saw Nana Mouskouri her last concert and I was so sad to see that she couldn’t sing anymore. Why did she do this? I wanted to remember her like she was. And that was a bit like I felt tonight.

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