Eurovision 2015

ROMANIA : Mihai’s Eurovision Song and Video ‘Paradisio’ released – It’s Galactic

Mihai Cover Shot

Who will represent Romania at Eurovision 2016? Mihai takes you ‘Out Of This World’ with Paradisio.

The name on so many people’s lips across Europe is that of Mihai ( Eurovision 2006). We have loved his updates on his song ‘Paradisio’ that he wants to take to Stockholm and win the Eurovision song contest for Romania.

The day has come and he has released ‘Paradisio’. The Eurovision Semi Final draw allocations took place so we know that Romania will perform in the Second half of the Second Semi Final on May 12th (SEE HERE)

Mihai’s long-awaited song ‘Paradisio’ is out! The Super Galactic video blasts across the universes faster than the ‘Millennium Falcon’ going into hyperdrive in Star Wars!

Complete with a 1 minute introduction to the video, Mihai takes you to ‘the stars’.

Mihai still has that amazing voice and can move from pop to opera in the blink of an eye. While we have all aged since 2006 it looks like Mihai is getting younger! What’s your secret!!!


Mihai New Cover Shot

A strong dance song with electro and disco beats that certainly builds and comes to a crashing crescendo in the second half. This song could work really well on the big stage at Eurovision. Will TVR give Mihai the chance to perform in their national final? Well if they don’t he should use that big space ship of his and cause some mayhem!! What driving license do you need for a Galactic Spaceship anyhow?

Tell us anyway what you think of this song claiming to be Mihai’s ‘Paradisio’?


Author/ Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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