BULGARIA : Act For Eurovision 2016 Selected – Details revealed!

Poli at ESC 2011

BULGARIA : They made a triumphant return to the Eurovision family with the hosting of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia last November.

They now are signed up for Eurovision and Junior Eurovision 2016.

The official BNT (Bulgarian National Broadcaster) has tweeted the following details

The Singer is selected for Bulgaria at Eurovision 2016, it will be a female singer, it will be a professional and well-known singer and the song has not yet been selected but will be internally selected – PHEW!

Can we just say that their Official Twitter feed is one of the BEST – fun and informative and engaging! Way to go BNT! Check them out HERE



The BNT  Twitter account told readers that Sofi Marinova was not in the shake up for Eurovision 2016. We are still holding out for 2011 Eurovision contestant and Junior Eurovision Host 2015 Poli Genova winning the ticket to Stockholm. Don’t let us down BNT!


Author/Editor in Chief : Garrett Mulhall

Source: BNT Twitter


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