GRAND OPENING PARTY: Eurovision 2015

Red Carpet for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen Andres Putting (EBU

Red Carpet for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen Andres Putting (EBU

GRAND OPENING PARTY: Eurovision 2015

I was extremely privileged to receive an invite to the Grand Opening Party at the Town Hall in Vienna for Eurovision 2015. As a VIP event, I was honoured to be able to attend with the lovely Dr Eurovision in tow.


We took the tube to the Town Hall and were shown through the security gates to the front of the Town Hall where the red carpet was set out, crowds had gathered and the delegations had already started arriving. The large crowd that had gathered was testament to the excitement felt by the lovely people of Vienna.




We were then shown the press entrance into the building and up our own Red Carpet (not nearly so shiny and new) where we entered the main hall that the delegations would eventually arrive in. No expense had been spared and the hall was decked out lavishly and there was copious amounts of champagne, and red and white wine on offer. The waiters and waitresses continually walked the floor with a variety of tasty treats and snacks for us ranging from ravioli, chicken curry, salads, cake and puddings. We were treated like royalty and it was a great opportunity to meet some of the artists.


I was lucky enough to have good long conversations with Vaidas from Lithuania, Molly from Ireland and also Alex and Bianca from The U.K. It is easy to forget sometimes that participating in Eurovision can be the biggest thing that many artists have done in their careers up until that point and they can also be in awe at the size of the event. It was lovely to speak to Molly and hear how excited she was about the whole event and that she really wants to meet Graham Norton. She has watched his show for years and hopes to get the chance to meet him when he arrives. She was also delighted when I told her that Vaidas from Lithuania was singing her praises about how great her voice is and how pretty she is. I felt like Cilla Black for the night. The poor Irish delegation were just behind Conchita on the red carpet so it took them an age to get into the building but everyone’s spirits seemed to be great.





I took time out to chat with Alex and Bianca and also the choreographer of their whole routine. They are very positive about the whole experience and pleased with how everything is looking. Jay the choreographer is very aware that things may have looked messy on their first runs through but as he said, that is what rehearsals are for. They will get all the camera angles correct, Bianca’s pack will be covered up on her back and all the staging will be great. He said it is the only type of show where your first technical rehearsals are viewed and shown live to the fans and although it is not ideal, he understands it is part of the whole experience and what a big deal it is to the Eurovision fans. Alex and Bianca are having a ball and their chemistry on the stage is definitely benefiting from this. I really laughed when I asked for a picture and in his thick London accent he shouts “BIANCA”!!!!!! – it was all very Eastenders and luckily he didn’t tell me to “Get Outta his Pub”!


I also met up with the gorgeous Måns, who let me check his zip  before taking our picture and then I met the fabulous Sanna Neilson.



I had a fabulous time and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be there. Below are a collection of photos taken on the night including pictures with the participants from Israel, Macedonia, Georgia, and Armenia.







Who is your favourite???

Author/Editor: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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