Eurovision 2015

LITHUANIA: How we think Monika Linkyté and Vaidas Baumila should stage their Eurovision entry ‘This Time’

Vaidas and Monika for Eurovision 2015

Vaidas and Monika for Eurovision 2015

LITHUANIA: How we think Monika Linkyté and Vaidas Baumila should stage their Eurovision entry ‘This Time’

So here are some more first thoughts on ‘How Should They Stage their song at Eurovision 2015’?

Although Lithuania have qualified for three out of the last four Eurovision Grand Finals, their placings in these finals have been somewhat poor to say the least finishing 19th, 14th and 22nd in 2011, 2012 and 2013. They narrowly missed out on last years final coming 11th in their semi and so they are aiming for success again this year with ‘This Time’ sung by Monika Linkyté and Vaidas Baumila. You can see Eurovision Ireland’s interview with them at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam here

It seems quite ironic that I am going to make suggestions on how this should be staged as it is apparent that Monika and Vaidas are probably the best people to ask considering they persuaded the writers, jury and voting public that this song should be sung as a duet and not by a solo performer. It was the chemistry and charm of their performance in the national final that won over the voters and it is very important that this element of the staging should not be lost.

‘This Time’ is an upbeat fun song and I think the staging should reflect this. The lighting should be bright and colourful. There is definitely scope to have other dancers on the stage to bring this song to life. I think Monika and Vaidas should start at separate sides of the stage but come together with flirtatious looks and gestures. The song gives out a real feel good factor and this comes to a climax for the line “It was only a kiss”!! Now I don’t feel I can really describe how I think the kiss should be staged so my suggestion is that I will demonstrate with Vaidas once he gets to Vienna and show Monika how it should be done. I do not mind if I have to show her a few times over until she gets the hang of it – I would be prepared to make that sacrifice 😉

Below you can see the performance in the national final that persuaded voters that ‘This Time’ should be sung as a duet


With good staging and a great performance I really think that Lithuania could see themselves on the left side of the scoreboard on Saturday 23rd May and possible make a top ten placing for the first time since 2006.

What do you think?

Author/Editor: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. It should be just like the Lithuanian NF in that Monika initiates the kiss and pulls Vaidas towards her, rather than the stereotypical ‘man takes woman’ – that was a great move. They should be the only ones on stage as the song is all about them, no-one else – the only thing that needs changing is the bit where Monika walks off and Vaidas brings her back, it all looked a bit unrehearsed in the NF. Keep them in ‘normal’ clothing too, what most people would wear on a first date, dressed to impress but not overly so.

    I suspect that Monika might want to make sure that the front of her dress doesn’t come apart like in the NF – not that I’d be complaining! 😉

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