Eurovision 2014

Jedward’s ‘Ferocious’ goes #1 in iTunes videos with the help of ‘Sharknado’s’ Tara Reid

Jedward and Ferocious. Photo : iTunes

Jedward and Ferocious. Photo : iTunes

It’s no ‘Sharknado’ but Tara Reid is back with our ‘Ferocious’ Jedward and they are celebrating tonight.

The Brothers Grimes have today gone #1 on the iTunes videos charts in Ireland, Sweden and Canada, Top 10 in the UK and Top 20 in Germany. This song comes from their own ‘Planet Jedward’ label so you know what that means – better royalties and deservedly so!

The song entered the Irish music charts at #20 also and the brothers are pushing their fans to request the song and get more radio airplay for the song.


The new video for ‘Ferocious’ features their Bessie Mate and Hollywood actress Tara Reid and is far from their earlier shiny and bubble-gum pop videos. This is the grown up Jedward.

Bravo guys! Looking and sounding good as always.

So would you like to see Jedward entering Eurosong for the Irish ticket to Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : IRMA and Twitter



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