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#BIRTHDAY: Jedward from Ireland are 29 today

#BIRTHDAY: Jedward from Ireland are 29 today Do you think we’re short-changing you, with only one birthday per day. Well it wouldn’t be right if we were to dilute the attention we give to a birthday boy or girl. Unless it’s twins. And if you want twins, you’ve […]

Jedward and Ferocious. Photo : iTunes

Jedward’s ‘Ferocious’ goes #1 in iTunes videos with the help of ‘Sharknado’s’ Tara Reid

It’s no ‘Sharknado’ but Tara Reid is back with our ‘Ferocious’ Jedward and they are celebrating tonight. Ferocious Music video #1 Finland #7 Uk #16 Germany! http://t.co/nRE6SNk6qr pic.twitter.com/JmiuhhuH6b — JEDWARD (@planetjedward) October 31, 2014 The Brothers Grimes have today gone #1 on the iTunes videos charts in Ireland, […]