Rolling Blog of Third Dress Rehearsal of Eurovision Semi Final 2 – 15:00 (CET)

We love the Irish

We love the Irish
Eurovision Ireland

Welcome to the live blog for the third rehearsal of the second semi-final.  This is an last chance for any of the countries to fine tune anything they may not be happy about but based on last nights rehearsal for the Juries I think most countries should be happy with what they have got. It is going to be tough around the 8-12th places tonight. Will Ireland do enough to get one of those coveted Final slots? We certainly hope so. You will have myself(Andrew Main) and Garrett ready with their comments.

Please remember to keep REFRESHING  for updates.

Six minutes late the show begins. A recap of the first Semi Final.

Little girl goes in car through Copenhagen with lots of boxes on here journey. 3 boxes on the stage one with fiddler 2 with dancers. They are picked up by other dancers. Modern dance routine ensues.

The hosts come on. The voting is explained.


Firecrackers on the flag. Malta give us an assured polished performance once again, great vocally extremely catchy and I do not think Malta should worry about getting through, this one is in my certain qualifier list.


Israel looking slick and assured, extremely professional performance here. She looks very relaxed into the performance. Lots of strutting. Some folks here do not see this as a certain qualifier. I do.


Window frame for the flag. Camera work starts sweeping around the pianist. Carl is fragile and alone on the centre of the stage. It looks great visually, his vocal suits the song. We see the 4 fiddlers on stage with him later. Another certain qualifier.


Wine in glasses for the flag. Georgia start off with 45 seconds of yodelling, The singing part is accomplished. A very trippy sort of song genre is prog rock. One of the drummer wears a parachute which fits in with the theme of the song. I do not see this qualifying as its too off the wall.


Graphic equaliser display is flag. Very colourful visually and the Polish girls in traditional dress. A heavy dubstep beat the vocals very polished. The booby girls to the fore once again. I have this one in the marginal column it will be down to tonight.

We take a brief break in proceedings.


Dresses are in the flag. Another dramatic performance from Conchita. good camera work sets the mood nicely. The vocals are flawless. The effects behind with the fire and phoenix wings are spectacular. This is another certain qualifier for me.


Umbrellas make up the flag. An elaborate and ambitious song combined a deep disco beat with an intricate dance arrangement. The singer and dancer interact very well together. Not everyone may get this tonight, I certainly do so for that reason it stays in my marginal column.


The flag is made from a frozen lake. The start is very low key considering how this jumps up with energy later. Once it gets going it kicks off big style and is very good. Nothing else like this in the Semi so I see it standing out better. Lead vocalist needs to open his eyes a bit more often and connect with the camera. This is a certain qualifier.


Balloons make up the flag. The Irish performance is looking a lot better now, all the camera angles are working fine now. Kasey sounds slightly shaky in the vocals at times. Overall though the best that Ireland have done so far and they need to top that tonight. It is still in the marginal qualifiers category for me but it is certainly in the mix again.


Belarus are like a boyband with Teo and his backing singers. another good performance from the boys. The vocals are modern and flawless. This is certainly in with a shout for getting through but not a certainty so another for the marginal column.

FYR Macedonia

Sand on a vibrating metal plate make up the flag. This is a great performance of an upbeat song which has proven to be a bit of a fan favourite. The vocals are faultless and the dancing is well thought out. Good graphics I would like this to be a certain qualifier but it is so tight I am incline to put it in as marginal.


Dominoes make up the flag. So happy and smiley, that’s Sebalter from Switzerland. Very catchy and a great performance too, love the whistling parts now. This should qualify so sticking my neck out and putting it in as certain.

We hit another break.


Greece are looking good now, sound very upbeat and bouncy. Nothing more to say a certain qualifier. This went down a storm with the kids in the arena.


Books make up the flag. Slovenia is very pleasant but is for that also simple and accomplished. Good swirling effect on the stage and the vocals are competent mostly a few off notes.  This is in the mix for a chance of the final and joins the marginal qualifiers.


Fireworks reflecting in water make up the flag. A decent song with some new effects, a video image of Paula and a circular keyboard.  A very accomplished run through vocally , how Paula consistently manages to hit those high notes is beyond me. This is a  great show finisher and a certain qualifier.

We have seen all the songs now and get a run through of all the clips.

We now get an Australian themed interval act.

Jessica Mauby comes on to sing a song.

We now have kids from all over Europe dancing on the stage after sending in their videos.

Andrew’s Prediction to Qualify

So here it comes down to the crunch. I think this a better more varied semi final and I do not see any of the songs with no chance to qualify.

So firstly the certain qualifiers are Romania, Greece, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Norway, Israel and Malta.

That leaves us with 7 countries for the other 2 places. I hope Ireland takes one of those spots but my gut instinct suggests otherwise. Sticking my neck out again I am going to go for Belarus and Poland.


Author Andrew James Main.

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