Eurovision 2013

A Thank You Hug To All Our Readers – More than 50K Views This Month And Counting…

 How We Logged 50K + Views this Month

This Eurovision Blog site is a labour of love written in our spare time, so just imagine how much it means to us to see your response.  More than 50K views this month alone with more than 20K unique visits from our Eurovision Ireland community.

This means our readers saw more than 2 posts every time. Curious to know what the readers liked the most? Read On ot discover our Top 10 topics and posts

English: Original work created by User:Grk1011...

English: Original work created by User:Grk1011, converted to SVG in Inkscape by User:AxG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Topics That Mattered Most To You This Month

Popular topics this month centred on Eurosong, Irish Eurovision News (which we hope to deliver as speedily as and exclusively as possible)  and the current National Finals with Melodifestivalen,  being a real big deal. Most of all our  Big Poll inspired a lot of readers to vote for their Favourites to win the Ireland’s Eurosong Contest

Top 10 Topics our Readers Searched for Most in the last month

These topics  raised the temperature on  our blogsite. In no Particular order:

  1. David Lindgren Skyline
  2. Malta Eurovision Results
  3. Zoe Alexis Bohorquez
  4. Inchequin
  5. Gazi Music Hall
  6. Melanie McCabe
  7. Yohio Heartbreak Hotel
  8. Ryan Dolan
  9. Petra Mede
  10. Alexey Vorobyov car accident

 Top 10 Articles Posted This Month so Far:

  1. Eurosong 2013 : The Big Poll – VOTING OPEN NOW
  2. Alexei Vorobyov – Regains consciousness after car crash
  3. UK 2013 : Awaiting Announcement that “Mika” will be in Malmo for the UK
  4. Romania – We are loving that “Andrei Leonte” is holding Romania to Randsom
  5. Ireland 2013 : (EUROSONG) Inchequin – Full video of “Son Kez/The Last Time”
  6. Ireland 2013 : (EUROSONG) AIMEE MARGUERITE FITZPATRICK – Full Video of “Crashing Down”
  7. Ireland 2013 : Listen to the Eurosong Finalists Live Here
  8. Ireland 2013 : “One Direction” are supporting what Act at Eurosong 2013?
  9. Ireland 2013 : Zoë Alexis Bohorquez (Eurosong 2013) records with “Afrojack”
  10. Ireland 2013 : Inchequin Son Kez video for their Eurosong entry “The Last Time”

It’s hotting up everywhere with all the National Eurovision Finals lighting up the continent, the Race to Malmo is in full swing! And Especially here in Ireland, Eurosong is top of all our minds.

What piece of Eurovision news preoccupied you this month – did it make it to the list?

Tell us either way!

What topic should we have written about and didn’t ?

Let us know now and we will sniff down the juicy bits for you.

Stay connected and don’t forget to keep chatting via twitter too @EurovisionIrela and on our Facebook page where your comments are welcome too.

Author : Elish Bul-Godley Joint Editor and Contributor

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