Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013 : (EUROSONG) AIMEE MARGUERITE FITZPATRICK – Full Video of “Crashing Down”


(Photograph Courtesy of Aimee Facebook)

Aimee Marguerite Fitzpatrick will perform the song “Crashing Down” which is composed by Robert Grace. Aimee will be mentored by Radio DJ and Producer Mark McCabe

Aimee is a young singer from Swords in county Dublin and she has gained considerable following in the Irish music Industry. 

Aimee’s song “Crashing Down” is an emotive ballad. 

Here is a video of “Crashing Down” – not the official video. 

(YouTube Video courtesy of Ireland12pts)

What do you think of Aimee’s song “Crashing Down”? Would it qualify from the semi final to make the Eurovision final?

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    • I hope we will 🙂 This song I feel may get us a top 5 position in malmo, and who knows, maybe even win 😉 This song would stand out well this year as most songs chosen by other countries are more uptempo 🙂

  1. Has Aimee not bothered making a preview video for her entry? Strange, as she’s normally very busy uploading songs to Youtube.

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