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Romania – We are loving that “Andrei Leonte” is holding Romania to Randsom


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We announced earlier today that TVR (Romanian National Broadcaster) had announced the 32 songs in their National Selection. Most of the acts once confirmed, could not get their videos on-line quick enough – well all except one!
Andrei Leonte, who will perform the song “Paralyzed” (Music:Mike Eriksson, Johnny Andersson, Michael James Down Lyrics: Jonas Thander, Mike Eriksson) said “NO!!!”
On his Facebook page he said he would not release his video to “Paralysed” until he had over 1000 likes to the below post
“Cine vrea sa asculte Paralysed?!? Hai sa dam mana cu mana si cand acest post ajunge la 1000 de like-uri, ascultam impreuna piesa propusa la Eurovision 2013!! 😀 pam, pam!”
Oh Andrei we salute you for your gusto and for giving us a smile today!
As it stands now he is up to 800 likes on the post and I am now very interested to hear his song. Let’s hope he makes the 1,000 likes before the live show or TVR may be down to 31 songs in their selection.
Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source – Eurovision Ireland, Facebook and TVR

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