Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013 : (EUROSONG) Inchequin – Full video of “Son Kez/The Last Time”


(Photograph Courtesy of

Inchequin will perform the song “Son Kez/The Last Time” which is composed by Hugh O’Neill and Sinead Bradley (Arranged by Tevfik Kulak). They are mentored by Eurovision Winning composer (1980 “What’s Another Year) Shay Healy

This is a catchy folk/ethnic/pop song with a mixture of Irish and Turkish influences – reflecting the band’s origins. 

Here is the official video for the song “Son Kez/The Last Time”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of INCHEQUIN)

What do you think of the song? How do you think Europe would respond to this potential Irish Eurovision entry?

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  1. Dear disgruntled Turkish people,

    It sucks that your national television authorities threw their toys out of the pram and withdrew from the Contest this year due to the introduction of new rules that seek to lessen the influence of neighbourly and diasporac voting, making it more difficult for countries like Turkey to do well based primarily on their flag rather than the song that they send (if only Greece and Russia would stage a similar protest…). However, either we all play fairly or there’s no point in any of us playing at all. Reactionary nonsense such as attempting to sabotage another country’s national final is not the way to deal with your insecurities. And anyway, online voting constitutes only 50% of the Eurosong vote, so it’s going to take an AWFUL lot of you hijacking RTE’s phone lines to swing it in Inchequin’s favour.

    So bring it on.


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