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Eurosong Final : Behind the scenes with Aimee


Firstly we have to say “Happy Birthday” to the lovely Aimee who is celebrating her birthday at Eurosong! Yes Aimee the youngest of our Eurosong finalists has been showing no nerves at her rehearsals today at RTE. Aimee will be performing the ballad “Crashing Down” which was composed by Robert Grace. Aimee is being mentored by Music DJ and Producer Mark McCabe and will be performing second on the Eurosong Final tomorrow.


Not only that but Aimee was also on Sunshine Radio recently spreading the word about her song “Crashing Down”. The response to her ballad has been very encouraging across all the radio stations. The Irish media have also been following Aimee and you cannot seem to open a newspaper and see a Eurosong finalist in it this week and Aimee was no stranger to the attention.

Aimee 1

In a very close Eurosong final nobody can pick a clear winner and it will come down to the night – well tomorrow night to be exact. The Late Late Show on RTE 1 at 9:30 (GMT) when the winner will be decided by a 50/50 public and jury vote.

(YouTube Video courtesy of ReligionMusic)

Can Aimee win tomorrow? Let us know. 

Source Eurovision Ireland and Aimee Official Twitter

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