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#MOLDOVA Live Blog of ‘O Melodie Pentru Europa’ 2019 from 20:15 CET

Buna seara Europa si Buna dimineata Australia! Tonight we’re going to find out the winner of O Melodie Pentru Europa 2019! Good luck Moldova and hope you’ll make the right decision!

As for you dear readers, sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own Mr. B entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are! I might even shout out to you in the blog 

Tonight 10 acts will compete for a chance to wave the Moldovan flag in Tel Aviv. The running order is as follows:

Aurel Chirtoacă – La cinema

Vera Țurcanu – Cold

Marcela Scripcaru – Meteor

Siaj – Olimp 

Maxim Zavidia – I will not surrender

Diana Brescan – Lies

Tinna Gi – Virus

Lemonique – GravitTy

Anna Odobescu – Stay

Che-MD feat. Elizaveta Ivasiuk – Sub Pământ

Tonight’s result will be decided both by an expert jury and the public’s say, each having a 50% stake.

You can watch the show live here, but I do hope you’ll have a look to see what my opinions are.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments, points of view and all that Eurovision Ireland goodness you know and love!


Buna seara! We’re live from Chisinau 🙂

We start with a dancing act on the main stage.

Are you ready for the show? Got some snacks, drinks and a cozy blanket?

And now it’s time for a lucky day! Yes, DoReDos are back!

I love this song! Was one of the good surprises of last year 🙂

And these are our hosts of tonight’s show. Iurie had a poetic moment, speaking about dreams and daring to dream.

And this is Daniela from the Green room, holding the trophy of ‘O Melodie pentru Europa’ 2019!

As an interval act, Ester Peony (winner of Selectia Nationala 2019) was announced!

We are now presented the 10 finalists of tonight’s show. Do you have any a favourite?

And of course, the jury is announced now, the one that has 50% power in deciding the winner tonight. All jury members are given a ‘Martisor’ – a special gift that is a tradition in Romania and Moldova ( as a symbol of Spring).

Let’s start the show! But first, we are reminded the rules and the numbers to vote.

We saw a recap of all Moldova’s performances at Eurovision and some of the acts gave their thoughts of the whole Eurovision experience. Soon we’ll see our first act (hopefully) 😀 But not after an ad Break!

The transmission is not so great tonight, but hopefully, we’ll be able to watch it.

Aurel Chirtoacă – La cinema

Aurel is presenting us a jazzy, slow song . He has a raspy voice, but the song would fit better a lounge, not the Eurovision stage. He keeps on repeating ‘they made love at the cinema’ uhmmm, who was watching and why?

Vera Țurcanu – Cold

Vera’s song reminds me a little bit of Rita Ora’s ‘Hot Right Now’, but this one has a different vibe. She has good vocals, and the staging was quite interesting as Vera was lifted and looked like a goddess.

And after the first two performances, we are in the Green Room. Vera had beside her the lyricist of her song.

What you see in the presentations are ‘Martisoare’ in case you were wondering.

Marcela Scripcaru – Meteor

I suppose Marcela is Moldova’s response to Sia. We do hope that she’s not ‘gonna die’! That repetitive ‘die’ really disturbs me, so I hope that they might change some lyrics if this goes to represent Moldova in Tel Aviv. She gives us strong vocals tonight, but I’m not gonna lie, this has a little dark vibe.

Siaj – Olimp 

Siaj’s song is a mix of funky-jazzy-rock. They look like they are having fun whilst performing and that’s important in a performance. Might not be the best song of the night, but you can’t forget her outfit and energy at least 😀

Time for an ad break. We’ll return soon 🙂

Maxim Zavidia – I will not surrender

The beginning of the song reminds me of The Lion King chanting 🙂 I must admit that I like this staging and the costumes give me some Matrix and Last Samuray feelings. He really elevated his performance since the auditions. And the backing singers are doing a great job sustaining this anthem song. Good effort!

Diana Brescan – Lies

Diana’s vocals are great as always. I’m just not a fan of her song this year. She’s giving us a really good performance and dare I say this are the best vocals so far. Maybe I’m put off of by her wearing white, while she’s singing a sad, mourning song, with lyrics like ‘Please come back to me’.

And we’re back again for a few minutes in the Green room, where the contestants are trying to convince us to vote for them.

Tinna Gi – Virus

Tinna is singing that ‘you’re my virus and I hate you, but I can’t live without you’. I appreciate the choreography and the ‘Everyway that I can’ vibe, but I would have liked Tinna to have a better connection with the camera. Good effort though.

Lemonique – GravitTy

I’m not sure what I’m seeing on stage. A space rabbit and a singing ballerina. Whilst she’s not serving us very powerful vocals, this performance is definitely memorable. Is it for the right reasons? I don’t know, but I was entertained and the sound was contemporary.

Ad break 🙂

Anna Odobescu – Stay

Anna is presenting us another powerful anthemic song, but this one has a 90’s feeling; something that Celine might have sung at that time. Her vocals are on point tonight (as far as I can tell, because my live feed is not that great). Would this stand out in Tel Aviv? I don’t know, but it might get the support of some juries as it got strong vocals.

Che-MD feat. Elizaveta Ivasiuk – Sub Pământ

Che-MD is not at his first attempt to represent Moldova at Eurovision. This year he is telling us that ‘underground are many mysteries’.

He is giving us some traditional folk-rock music. I always appreciate a song sang in the native language and it was a good effort. Will this collaboration with Elizaveta a winning combination? We’ll have to wait and see.

Time now for another short ad break.

We’re now seeing all Eurovision selected songs so far 🙂 Do you have any favourites? I like quite a few but I’ll mention Italy, Estonia, France, Belgium, and Montenegro. Too bad Maruv is not competing anymore. Would have been a real threat for the win.

Because of technical issues, Vera Turcanu will perform again.

Yes, the song sounded better this time and I enjoyed watching this again.


I’m not even sure who do I want to win: Vera, Lemonique, Anna or even Che?

We are now presented Tel Aviv. I’m going to be one of the lucky ones be there. Will you go to Eurovision this year?

There is still time to vote! Soon the lines will be closed. For the ones having problems with the live feed, you can watch the youtube live feed here.

Now we see how the stage for tonight’s show was built. Indeed, we mustn’t forget the technical team. Without them, no show can be.

That was it. Moldova time to STOP voting now!

Whilst the votes are counted and the jury decides their points, we are presented with a folk-inspired instrumental interval act.

What we’re hearing now is actually the best song of the night. Wish this would have been one of the acts competing and not an interval act.

Cristina Scarlat sings her version of ‘The Best’.

I don’t recognize the language but Cornelia Stefanet, charms us with a serbian-gypsy-like song.

Nelly Ciobanu looks interesting with blonde hair. Almost didn’t recognize her. We want the results, though 🙂

I suppose we’re going to hear Ester Peony with ‘On A Sunday’ next. Or this is what I’m hoping for. Before that, we are presented again in a recap, the acts already chosen for Tel Aviv.

Ad Break. Oh no! 🙂 Tylol hot if you got the flu in Moldova.

Now, we finally see and hear Ester Peony.

Ester Peony was the huge surprise of the Romanian national selection, but I’m enjoying this interesting song.

Anna gets the first 12 points from the jury and the second set of 12 points too. Anna gets again 12 points from the 3rd member of the jury. Maxim gets his first 12 points. Another 12 points for Anna. Lemonique gets her first 12 points.

These are the jury results

After the ad break, we’ll find out the results from televoting and the winner of ‘ O Melodie Pentru Europa’ 2019. Stay tunned.

Maxim got 12 points form the televote and Anna 10 points.

And the winner is Anna Odobescu and her song Stay.

Congratulations to Anna and see you in Tel Aviv!

Thank you all for watching and good night!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: TRM

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