#PORTUGAL: Live blog of Festival da Canção from 22.00 CET

PORTUGAL: Live blog of Festival da Canção from 22.00 CET

Last year’s hosts take a step nearer Tel Aviv tonight, when they decide who’s getting the Portuguese golden ticket to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Two semi-finals have already passed, cutting the 16 songs down to the eight we’ll see tonight.

You know what happens now. Hit ‘Refresh’ and you’ll see our latest thoughts on what’s happening. You can also watch the action as it unfolds HERE.

The usual 50/50 combination of jury and televoting will pick tonight’s winner.

Te Deum means we’ve started. In true tradition, we’re treated to a travelogue of Lusitania. Maybe just for us foreigners that are tuned in.

Our hosts are popular bunnies.

A chap of flamboyant moves sings Chamar a musica (PT 94) with different words.

We now get Tourada (PT 73) again with different words.

Next we get Conquistador, with different words which incorporates the titles of tonight’s eight songs. Nice.

Our next two hosts are Vasco Palmeirim and Filomena Cautela (pictured above). You might remember her from a certain contest in Lisbon last May.

We’re reminded of the televoting numbers. It’ll cost the Portuguese public €0.60 per call.

But onto the songs

Calema – A dois

This is a pleasantly slow and mellow song. The chorus is decent enough too. The two voices complement each other quite well, and they’re not in competition with each other. There may be better tonight, but this is not a bad opener.

Mariana Bragada – Mar doce

Mariana has a flower child look about her. Hopefully without the mind-altering substances. Her song is another mellow number which shows off her vocal. It’s typically Portuguese obviously, and has an electric guitar in evidence in the orchestration. The structure is a little but predictable and maybe not quite as strong as song one.

Matay – Perfeito

More slow stuff, with lots of heavy piano work. This is accompanied by a string quartet which sets this off beautifully. Best so far and not unlike the mode of a certain Portuguese winner. A powerful voice with a soul-ly touch. Lots of strings. Best so far by a mile. It’s got a standing ovation.

Surma – Pugna

Performance art at its most arty. We start with a very ethereal introduction. Surma breathes into the microphone whilst modern dance is performed around her. It’s striking with a capital ‘S’. There’s very little tune as such, she seems to be winging it. The first-time viewer might look at this and be completely baffled. However, that’s exactly the song’s charm.

Half way through the presentation, so it’s over to Inês in the Green Room.

NBC – Igual a ti

NBC is well-liked by the crowd. His song has a heavy electric guitar backing. He’s confident and works the camera really well. The chorus could be called a bit repetitive, but that can work with the right song. This might not quite be the right song though. It’s not a bad song. But not a winner.

Madrepaz – Mundo a mudar

A group that are clearly from the folk music mode. And a good folk offering too. The pluck away on their acoustic guitars and there’s also a keyboardist and drummer. A bass drum mind, not a whole kit. And there’s interesting face paint. If the public want something very very Portuguese this is the one, and I like this style anyway. The verse-chorus-verse-chorus is something you’d expect, but it’s nicely done. I’d like this to do well. but there may be bigger hitters in this contest than this.

Conan Osíris – Telemóveis

Conan got big cheers even as his name was announced. Performance art or what? Conan has a metal mask that looks like spoons. And he’s in a long white furry coat. It’s not your typically structured song, but you can’t look away. It amazes at every turn and has to be in with a chance tonight. Another massive standing ovation. Go on, Portugal, I dare you.

Ana Cláudia – Inércia

Finally, Ana follows performance art with a ballad in a sort of Fado style. She has a clear voice and soaring vocals. It’s almost a trance-like performance. I suspect that this song might not do that well, when it’s compared with what else we have tonight. But at least she’s trying.

All eight songs done. So over to the Green Room for some informative chat.

Time for words from our sponsors. Lots of them perchance.

The Green Room is getting fun. They’re playing Jenga.

Meanwhile, our hosts are getting all 1980s on us. They sing Total eclipse of the heart.

cabaret now. From Armando Gama! He’s singing Esta balada que to dou (PT 83).

We’re getting a game show now – Pressão, no ar – I think. With music. It’s Playback! Marvellous! They love it!

Leading onto Anabela! She’s singing A cidade (até ser dia) (PT 93)

She’s still popular in Portimão by the looks of things. So popular in fact, the Green Room is singing her little song too. It’s a proper party of song in the Green Room. Who needs Melodifestivalen, eh?

We’re getting a look at Festivals da Canção of old. Orchestras, juries, blackboards. It’s all part of a rich history of the previous 50 editions.

More cabaret from Vânia Fernandes, singing Senhora do mar (PT 08).

Amidst all the recaps, Inês reminds us the official CD of FdC is available to buy.

And with that, televoting is over! This must mean we have a winner somewhere.

The results will come after the adverts – known as Publicidade in these parts.

All our presenters are in the Green Room. It’s where its at. With time for mass selfies. It’s almost a shame there has to be seven losers tonight.

We now have Claudia Pascoal and Isaura! Claudia has a kevakino with her. And she’s ditched the pink hair

Our first hosts are back now. The proceedings obviously need some gravitas. Indeed, we’re getting some more history of the show.

Vote time. From the regions…

Norte gives 12 points to Conan Osíris

Centro gives 12 points to Conan Osíris

Lisboa e Vale do Tejo gives 12 points to Conan Osíris

Alentejo gives 12 points to Conan Osíris. Is it becoming a one-horse race?

Açores gives 12 points to Conan Osíris

Madeira gives 12 points to Conan Osíris

Algarve gives 12 points to NBC

After the juries, things stand thus…

The songs now get their positions switched to 12, 10, 8 etc.

But where will the public place their votes?

A convincing win for Conan Osíris. We wish him well in Israel

That’s all from the blog. Thanks and good night.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. The questions in Pressao no no ar were Eurovision themed , with one of the questions about 2007 when Sabrina entered for Portugal

  2. Well, we finally got to the songs …the portugese have really revamped their national final,looks very professional ! They clearly learnt a lot from hosting Eurovision

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