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Tonight the Andra Chansen round takes place at the Rosvella Eventcenter in Nykoping , Sweden , when eight acts will get a second chance at trying to secure a place in next week’s Melodifestivalen Grand final .In this round the eight acts will compete in four duels and the winner of each duel , voted for by the Swedish public , will be awarded a place in next week’s Grand Final on 9th March .

So what are the Duels?

Duel 1 – Anna Berghandal “Ashes to Ashes v Andreas Johnson “Army of us”

Duel 2- Vlad Reiser ” Naked in the rain” v Nano ” Chasing Rivers”

Duel 3 Martin Stenmarck ” Let the shit burn” v Lisa Ajax ” Tower”

Duel 4 Rebecka Karlsson”Who I am” v Arvingarna ” I do “

Join me,Sarah at 20.00 CET tonight when I will blogging the events from Nykoping live as they happen .You know the drill ,just refresh the page from 20.00 CET .You can also take a look at the show live by following the link HERE .


God kväll Europa och God Morgon Australien ! So tonight after 4 exciting semi-finals , we’re really getting down to the serious stuff now in Sweden as tonight , 8 acts ,will be battling for that second chance to go forward to next week’s Melodifestivalen Grand Final . As mentioned before the 8 acts have been split into 4 duels , with the winner of each duel going forward to the final. So we’re hoping for an exciting evening ,just sit back, relax and I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the acts as we go along, which you may or may not agree with, please feel to share your thoughts too . Tonight our hosts are, as have been in the semi finals ; Marika Carlsson, Sarah Dawn Finer ( of Linda Woodruff fame!) Kodjo Akolar and previous Melodifestivalen winner in 2011 , Eric Saade .

I’m just watching the build up to the contest on Swedish news …’s really treated as a big event here .

So…here we go… a quick recap of the events of the past 4 weeks the hosts doing a comedy sketch to bring us in to the show . Sarah Dawn Finer all in black this evening .Sarah now treating to us to songs , a great opener .

Hosts now explaining that this is the Andra Chansen heat and introducing tonights performersSo here we go… first duel up…..Duel 1 – Anna Berghandal “Ashes to Ashes v Andreas Johnson “Army of usAndreas is up first , Dark staging and Andreas is dressed in all black , joined by an army of singers , with guitars. It’san ok song song with some nice effects on stage but let’s see how this will do against Anna .

Anna Bergandahl  – Anna is dressed all in dark grey with a nice blue , sea-life stage background ,which has now changed to a beautiful woodland scene . It looks great , Anna looks great and looks to be really enjoying herself on stage tonight . I find this much more powerful than Andreas , sorry Andreas !! 

 They are now re-capping both songs and inviting the public to vote

Duel 2- Vlad Reiser ” Naked in the rain” v Nano ” Chasing Rivers”

Vlad Reiser -A very bobby number with staging not unlike SuRie’s from last year ,it’s a bit of a mix of rap with pop, joined by 4 backing singers , casually dressed , white shirt and black waist coat . It’s quite good but not sure how this would do in Tel Aviv.Among so many male ballads, would qualify ,but then probably just get into top 10

Nano – Dark staging with a bit of red and four backing singers, nice little bit at the beginning with a child’s face in the background ,depicting Nano when he was younger perhaps??? Nano sings well , dressed in silver and backing singers in black .It’s a nice song , quite harmonious ,think this may just pip Vlad to the final 

Recap and hosts reminding people to vote …

Duel 3 Martin Stenmarck ” Let the shit burn” v Lisa Ajax ” Tower”

Martin Stenmarck -Dressed all in black with dark staging ,performance much the same as in the semi final . He sings well but it’s yet another uptempo male ballad , I feel it will struggle in Tel Aviv  but then again we are talking about Sweden….

Lisa Ajax- Black seems to be the theme tonight as Lisa is alone on stage , dressed in all black tonight . Dark staging again.Lisa has a great voice and gives a powerful performance with a bit of the old wind machine thrown in .Think this may be the closest of all the duels this evening,  a hard one to call

Recap  and reminder to vote. 

We have a little comedy sketch between each duel  to show the swedish sense of humour … 

Duel 4 Rebecka Karlsson ” Who I am v Arvingarna ” I do “

Rebecka Karlsson -Once again , dressed in black with a ballet dancer accompanying Rebecka on stage, I can’t really see the point of the ballet dancer as Rebecka sings so well and doesn’t really need a gimmick Pyrotechnics used  well . A very powerful performance .

Arvingarna-     All dressed in blue suits, lead singer hair is well slicked back Stage is a red plat form with a red circle in the background which looks a bit like a big wheel . I am just wondering where I have seen this before ? It’s pleasant but think Rebecka will win this one 

Now to fill in time during the voting they are showing us the acts who have already qualified directly to the final .

Now we’re being treated to Mr Eurovision-Johnny Logan , singing his winning song from 1987  ” Hold me now “

Bit of chat between Kodjo and Sarah now ,….Sarah’s dress is a very dazzling green…

Now we have Mans Zelmerlow ,another  Eurovision winner along with Dotter 

Think we maybe heading for the results now :

Sarah joined by Christer Bjorkman , unfortunately due to an IT problem I have been unable to bring more pictures from the show this evening 

Duel 1 – Anna Bergandahl is through 

Duel 2 – Nano is through 

Duel 3 -Lisa Ajax is through 

Duel 4 – Arvingarna are through ….that’s a bit of a surprise !

So that’s it folks …that completes the final line -up. What do you think ? Do you think the rights acts went through ? Did your favourite get through ?

Thank you for joining me tonight , it’s been a fun evening and looking forward to the Grand Final next week . Goodnight .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland , SVT


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