#EUROVISION 2017: Red Carpet in Kyiv

Red Carpet title pic

Eurovision Ireland got access to the exclusive Red Carpet event in Kyiv. All of the acts showed off their best frocks and outfits and strutted their stuff on a swelteringly sunny day near the Maryinskiy Palace in Kyiv.

We caught up with some of the acts. They told us about what they thought of their time in the city, and gave the Irish some messages of thanks and support. And which act became concerned when something befell our own Brendan on the carpet?

And stay tuned for a message from Olexandr, Volodymyr and Timur.

Who do you think will win on Saturday 13 May? Tell us what you think?

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Picture Source: Sascha Frasz (Eurovision Ireland)

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