#POLL – Who do you think will QUALIFY from SEMI FINAL 1?


We now have all the songs for Eurovision 2017! Hooray!! But only 20 of them will advance from the semi-finals and join Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK in the grand final… boo!! But the question is… who will those lucky countries be?

We all have our own ideas about who will make the cut. Everyone’s Top 10 is slightly different and even Eurovision Ireland’s blogging duo JamDan don’t agree 100% on who will qualify – but it’s not up to them to decide… it’s up to YOU!!

Vote in our poll for your Top 10 favourite 2017 entries! We’ll keep these polls open right up till the semi finals. Can you, the wonderful readers of Eurovision Ireland, predict who will make it to the final of Eurovision 2017? Let’s to find out 😉

Be sure to check out our poll for Semi Final 2 too!

Still need some help deciding? Look no further!

ALBANIA – Lindita “World”

AUSTRALIA – Isaiah “Don’t Come Easy”

AZERBAIJAN – Dihaj “Skeletons”

BELGIUM – Blanche “City Lights”

FINLAND – Norma John “Blackbird”

GEORGIA – Tako Gachechiladze “Keep The Faith”

MONTENEGRO – Slavko Kalezić “Space”

PORTUGAL – Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”

SWEDEN – Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On”

ARMENIA – Artsvik “Fly With Me”

CYPRUS – Hovig “Gravity”

CZECH REPUBLIC – Martina Bárta “My Turn”

GREECE – Demy “This Is Love”

ICELAND – Svala “Paper”

LATVIA – Triana Park “Line”

MOLDOVA – SunStroke Project “Hey, Mamma!”

POLAND – Kasia Moś “Flashlight”

SLOVENIA – Omar Naber “On My Way”


Europe, start voting now!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Wiwiblogs


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  1. My qualifiers: Australia, Azerbadijan, Belgium, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Sweden, Portugal, Poland.
    It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the other songs, but I feel they won’t attract the audience ears and attention so much as the ones I have cited. This said, we still don’t lnow their ordre of aappearance on stage, which could change two or three things. For instance, I am not sure the three “electronic” songs from Azerbadijan, Belgium and Latvia will all qualify.
    We’ll see anyway ! Good luck to all songs !

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