Eurovision 2016

UK : Judge & Jury – We Review Dulcima’s ‘When You Go’


Dulcima – When You Go

The BBC has gone though a lengthy selection process to find their final 6 contestants that will fly the Union Jack in Stockholm at Eurovision.

We have our International Poll that is still open for you to vote in – SEE HERE

However the team at Eurovision Ireland thought it only fair that we give our neighbours a review of all their songs in the Final. 4 of the team have gotten together and reviewed the songs and awarded points 12/10/8/6/4/2.

To say that we differed was an understatement but that is reflected in the public poll as the leader keeps changing.


Dulcima – When You Go

Jennifer: A male/female duo serve up a catchy pop song with a country twang to it. It’s a likeable piece of puff-pop but lacks the grandiosity for a Eurovision win. The vocal break feels incongruous and clunky and I really can’t see this making a dent in the scoreboard. 2 Points

Elaine: OK I admit to loving this. A catchy country pop song with a great hook and I really like the drop verse that they have put in. I know many will compare to Texas Lightening and this can only be a good thing in my book. Loved them and instead of saying “No No Never” I am saying “Yes Yes Now” – my favourite pick for this year!!!! 12 Points

John: This is one I definitely can’t wait to see the stage performance of. It’s very jaunty and that immediately catches my ear. Dulcima has a very striking voice which again goes in the song’s favour. The bridge is there, but it’s definitely slightly unusual and the staging of this part will be crucial. It’s possibly the most catchy song so far. 12 Points

Garrett: Now it looks as if we have found the hippies of the show and I am all for free love and Austin powers – Groovy Baby. This is a song that I think has the potential to work better live than the studio version gives it credit. I can see that in a crowded arena like Globen that this could go down a treat. I only fear just what the BBC would do with a song that has potential – give them electric backpacks and glow sticks and that is my worry here. It’s foot stomping, hand clapping and beer swirlingly good but it out of all the songs will depend most on the live presentation. So for that it is an unknown quantity. This will either run away with it or fair badly. 6 Points

Grand Total for Dulcima : 32 Points out of a possible 48


How does that compare to the other 5 Acts then you can read the reviews for the songs by clicking their names


Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

Bianca – Shine a Little Light

Dulcima – When You Go

Matthew James – A Better Man

Darline – Until Tomorrow

Karl William Lund – Miracle


Do you agree with the team’s review?

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