Eurovision 2016

UK : Judge & Jury – We Review Darline’s ‘Until Tomorrow’


Darline – Until Tomorrow

The BBC has gone though a lengthy selection process to find their final 6 contestants that will fly the Union Jack in Stockholm at Eurovision.

We have our International Poll that is still open for you to vote in – SEE HERE

However the team at Eurovision Ireland thought it only fair that we give our neighbours a review of all their songs in the Final. 4 of the team have gotten together and reviewed the songs and awarded points 12/10/8/6/4/2.

To say that we differed was an understatement but that is reflected in the public poll as the leader keeps changing.


Darline – Until Tomorrow

Jennifer: Another country-pop duet, this time with two young ladies. Even though country isn’t my thing, I can’t help liking this song, due in no small part to the warm vocals, sun-kissed as an ear of corn from Oklahoma. If Darline can win this grumpy old goth-girl over, they’ll have no problem winning the hearts of the voting public. You go, girls! 10 Points

Elaine: Another great country song. I loved this from the minute I heard it. I was singing along on first listen which is a good sign in my book. This is just pipped into second place for me but would be more that happy to see it picked for Stockholm. Good luck girls. 10 Points

John: There’s more familiarity about this song. It’s nice and pleasant and makes the most of its stripped down folksy vibe. I’m all up for folksy. There are some good voices here which may work in its favour. A large degree of repetition in this and if I were being harsh I’d say this is a two-minute song stretched out to three minutes. However, it’s most definitely pleasant. 6 Points

Garrett: If pretty was the name and selfie was the game then this plucky duo are for you. For me pretty is fleeting and I take a WOEFUL picture! This song seems like 3 minutes of the one verse going on and on and on. There was little or no light and shade. In fact it was a property designers dream – Beige! There was nothing there to grab my attention and with the high notes in there, this song in inexperienced hands could be the name that shall not be mentioned ‘Gemini’ all over again. Sorry girls its 2 Points


Grand Total for Darline : 28 Points out of a possible 48


How does that compare to the other 5 Acts then you can read the reviews for the songs by clicking their names


Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

Bianca – Shine a Little Light

Dulcima – When You Go

Matthew James – A Better Man

Darline – Until Tomorrow

Karl William Lund – Miracle


Do you agree with the team’s review?

Let us know – Comment Below!

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