Eurovision 2016

UK : Judge & Jury – We Review Bianca’s ‘Shine A Little Light’


Bianca – ‘Shine a Little Light’

The BBC has gone though a lengthy selection process to find their final 6 contestants that will fly the Union Jack in Stockholm at Eurovision.

We have our International Poll that is still open for you to vote in – SEE HERE

However the team at Eurovision Ireland thought it only fair that we give our neighbours a review of all their songs in the Final. 4 of the team have gotten together and reviewed the songs and awarded points 12/10/8/6/4/2.

To say that we differed was an understatement but that is reflected in the public poll as the leader keeps changing.

Bianca – ‘Shine a Little Light’

Jennifer: The faux-reggae beat of the intro verse caught me off guard but it’s a groove that carries the song along nicely, only pausing for the big, hooky chorus that is a Eurovision must-have. The title calls to mind Katrina and the Waves 1997 entry ‘Love Shine A Light’ but is an entirely different animal. Will it make it to Stockholm? Quite possibly. 4 Points

Elaine: I really liked this on my first listen. Every UK Eurovision fan who has been waiting since 1997 for another win, will admit to getting a little shiver when hearing the words “Shine a Light” in a UK song title 🙂 It did not disappoint for me and has a great anthemic chorus that I love in a song. This is my third favourite of the six. 8 Points

John: This is quite nice, and there’s something good about the slightly reggae beat at the start. The chorus soars well and, despite being very un-reggae, works well. There’s more element of repetition and a bridge with a will-it-won’t-it lead to a key change. There isn’t by the way. I think this stands a chance of winning. 10 Points

Garrett: Rickyyyyyyy and I do feel like shouting like Bianca from ‘Eastenders’ as this song frustrates me the most. Why is that I hear you ask? Well the song for me is back to front. The verses are far more memorable that the actual chorus! The verses have this awesome reggae vibe going on man and I like I’m in a Lilt tv advert with “that totally tropical taste”. Just when you think you are going to go into full Bob Marley ‘One Love’ mode in the chorus the song does a complete u-turn into a 90’s ‘Love Shine A Light’ mode that killing my buzz man. It seems as if the song writers were too scared to build on the wonderful reggae vibe they had going and though “oh I need to not alienate the judges – give me something safe here” and that really gets my Jamaican goat up. This had the potential to be 12 points but chickens out and therefore gets my 4 Points


Grand Total for Bianca : 26 Points out of a possible 48


How does that compare to the other 5 Acts then you can read the reviews for the songs by clicking their names


Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

Bianca – Shine a Little Light

Dulcima – When You Go

Matthew James – A Better Man

Darline – Until Tomorrow

Karl William Lund – Miracle


Do you agree with the team’s review?

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