Eurovision 2016

UK : Judge & Jury – We Review Matthew James’ ‘A Better Man’

Matthew James

Matthew James – A Better Man

The BBC has gone though a lengthy selection process to find their final 6 contestants that will fly the Union Jack in Stockholm at Eurovision.

We have our International Poll that is still open for you to vote in – SEE HERE

However the team at Eurovision Ireland thought it only fair that we give our neighbours a review of all their songs in the Final. 4 of the team have gotten together and reviewed the songs and awarded points 12/10/8/6/4/2.

To say that we differed was an understatement but that is reflected in the public poll as the leader keeps changing.


Matthew James – A Better Man

Jennifer: This smooth ballad-with-a-beat has a touch of the Gary Barlow’s about it and that’s not a bad thing. Is it a contender for Stockholm? The public will decide next Saturday night but I’m willing to bet it will be in the running. Good luck, Matthew. 6 Points

Elaine: This reminded me a little of Robbie Williams song of the same title. It is a mature well sung ballad and there is certainly nothing unpleasant about it. I think he would perform really well on the night. This only makes 4th out of 6 for me but I rate the songs quite highly and would not be completely devastated to see this win through. 6 Points

John: Matthew has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years or so, so we’re told. There’s an element of this experience in the voice. However I think it’s just a bit too, erm, OK. It’s not bad and it does hang together well. However, it doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. It won’t finish last, but it won’t win on Friday. 4 Points

Garrett: I was a Bad Boys Inc fan and I still remember those crotch thrusts – fan me down someone! Well Matthew comes to us courtesy of the 90’s and let me say that he has aged far better than me! This soulful RnB song is right up my alley (behave) and his voice sounds oh so smooth. It has a very Kenny Thomas ‘Thinking About Your Love’ vibe going on. Strong lyrics and a good song structure that builds. All I hope is that Matthew doesn’t oversell the song in the live performance. I am not digging the glasses look so ditch them my good man. No hats either. Keep this simple and it could do well. My third favourite song and gets 8 Points


Grand Total for Matthew James : 24 Points out of a possible 48


How does that compare to the other 5 Acts then you can read the reviews for the songs by clicking their names


Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone

Bianca – Shine a Little Light

Dulcima – When You Go

Matthew James – A Better Man

Darline – Until Tomorrow

Karl William Lund – Miracle


Do you agree with the team’s review?

Let us know – Comment Below!

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