AUSTRIA: Live Blog of Austrian Final ‘Wer Singt für Österreich’ – #JoinUs at 20:15CET

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Guten Abend!! Vienna calling! After the indignity of not receiving a single point at their own contest last year, the only way is up for Austria! Tonight, we’ll discover who they will be sending to Stockholm for Eurovision this year!

After blogging semi-finals for both Ukraine and Latvia, dynamic duo James and Bogdan get to cover their first ever selection event final! Wooo! Join them at 20:15 CET for our LIVE BLOG of ‘Wer Singt für Österreich’. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

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Austria, can you Rise Like A Phoenix once more? We sure hope so!

How To Watch

The Show starts at 20:15 CET

Tune in using the following this link here on Eurovision.tv or here with ORF1


Running Order

ORF wanted to keep tonight’s running order a secret until the last possible moment,but over excited contestants took to Twitter to tell everyone their drawing order anyway… whoops…

These are the 10 acts singing for us tonight.

#1 Vincent Bueno – “All We Need Is That Love”

#2 LiZZA – “Psycho”

#3 Orry Jackson – “Pieces In A Puzzle”

#4 Elly – “I’ll Be Around (Bounce)”

#5 Lia – “Runaway”

#6 Céline Roscheck & Farina Miss – “Sky Is The Limit”

#7 AzRah – “The One”

#8 Sankil Jones – “One More Sound”

#9 Bella Wagner – “Weapons Down”

#10 ZOË- “Loin D’Ici”

Big thank you to Sascha for getting us this list! 😀


How The Finalists Will Be Selected

Ten acts will tonight sing for the chance to represent Austria at Eurovision this May. During the 1st round, both an Expert Jury and Public Televote will vote for the songs. The 2 highest scoring songs will then progress to a 2nd round, the winner of which will be determined solely by a Public Televote.

Alongside the journalists on the jury will be the writer of Germany’s 2010 winning entry Julie Frost and the Queen of Austria herself, Conchita Wurst!


LIVE BLOG – Starts 20:15 CET Here

You know the drill by now mes amis! You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will also be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!


JAMES: Good evening everyone! Thank you for having us back tonight to live blog the Austrian selection event. Take your seats, the show is about to begin!!!

BOGDAN: We’re really excited, hope you are too! Nice to see you again! 😉

JAMES: Here we go!

BOGDAN: We’re being given a nice recap of historical Eurovision moments over the years – looks really good. And of course, our lovely Conchita’s victory in Copenhagen!

BOGDAN: Now the contestants talk about their feelings of taking part in the selection for Austria. They all seem really excited and nervous!


JAMES: Our hosts for this evening. Recognise the lady on the right? 😉

JAMES: Now we’re being introduced to our judges, who will help select tonight’s winner. 2

JAMES: The judges – doesn’t Conchita look fab!


BOGDAN: And the contestants await their fate in the Green Room… that is actually red…

JAMES: And we’re off! First contestant Vincent.

BOGDAN: Is he on wheels?!

JAMES: Yes! How’s that for an entrance!


BOGDAN: Nice change of rhythm… oh!! And a back flip!!

JAMES: For me it’s a lot of show, and a great show too, but the song feels a bit flat. But the staging is great

BOGDAN: Great effort, bet it was hard doing all of that!

JAMES: Points?

BOGDAN: For the show, 8+, for the song, a 7

JAMES: I agree, fantastic show, would definitely get the crowd going in Stockholm, but the song needs a bit of work. 6 for the song, 8 for the staging


BOGDAN: Conchita seems to be playing it safe with the choice of clothes, black is very simple… was hoping for something more… but then again, black is always in fashion!

JAMES: The jury have given Vincent 25 points – not a bad start. Lizza up now

JAMES: Lizza says her life’s motto is Do What You Love – very wise words from one so young!


JAMES: She looks like a sweet little elf, why is she singing about a psycho? 0_0

BOGDAN: James, have you ever seen Overly Attached Girlfriend?

JAMES: Of course! I’m just wondering whether she is Overly Attached, or been on the receiving end of it!!

BOGDAN: She’s very pretty, but not a big fan of the song

JAMES: It doesn’t really pick up at any point for me… a bit too much grunge

BOGDAN: My points, 6

JAMES: 6 too

JAMES: The audience seem impressed though

JAMES: The hosts are reading Twitter comments about the contestants to them after they perform… bit harsh to be told “won’t win though” after you’ve just performed, no?

BOGDAN: Aren’t we doing the exact same thing?

JAMES: Yes, but not to her face!!

JAMES: 32 points for LiZZA from the jury, putting her in the lead

BOGDAN: Orry Jackson up next with ‘Pieces In A Puzzle’

JAMES: I like puzzles, wonder if I’ll like this one?


JAMES: Mans Zelmerlow much?

BOGDAN: The song is ok, I’m put off by the similarities to the staging of Heroes

JAMES: He performs well and the staging is very good, even if it is almost a carbon copy of Sweden

BOGDAN: We see it every year, at least one song tries to copy the winner of the previous year… scores?

JAMES: I liked it, though not really sure why! As weird as that sounds. An 8 from me.



JAMES: Conchita critiques Orry. She also noted the similarities to Heroes

JAMES: Must say, I agree with Julie that the song seemed to lack any real hook… still enjoyed it though

BOGDAN: The jury gave 19 points to Orry… that’s quite bad compared to the others

JAMES: LiZZA still in the lead. Elly up now


JAMES: … what’s going on here?? 0_0

BOGDAN: Elly take cover! The shadows are coming!!


JAMES: The music in this reminds me a LOT of Running from Hungary in 2014

BOGDAN: I’m not keen on her voice, or the song

JAMES: Was a bit too modern for my liking… there’s contemporary, then there’s plain strange…

BOGDAN: I give her, I’m sorry, a 3

JAMES: I’ll give it a 4. The staging was interesting, but it just got too OTT for me


JAMES: Turns out Conchita disagrees with us – she absolutely loved it!!

BOGDAN: 37 points for Elly from the jury – Elly’s in the lead!

JAMES: Lia wants to Runaway next. We don’t, we’re having a great night with you guys!! 😀

BOGDAN: Yeah, thank you all for following us 🙂 And about Lia, I think she wants to run away to Stockholm!


BOGDAN: Hints of Polina here

JAMES: Reminds me of Leona Lewis

BOGDAN: I quite enjoy it. Lovely ballad

JAMES: It is, probably the first real ballad we’ve heard tonight

JAMES: Do you think her constant repetition of ‘Let It Go’ is trying to tap into people’s love of Frozen?


BOGDAN: Polina meets Aliona Moon!

JAMES: I thought that was beautiful. Definitely my favourite so far! 10 points!

BOGDAN: 10 points from me too

JAMES: And the jury give Lia 18 points… WHAT???? Were they watching the same performance we were?!

BOGDAN: I’m really surprised. Aren’t ballads in fashion any more?

JAMES: Maybe after a slow song last year, they want something more upbeat?

JAMES: They are now comparing Irish Eurovision victories with those of Sweden… one more and Sweden match Ireland for the most ever wins at the contest

BOGDAN: The only duo of the night up next, Celine and Farina


BOGDAN: Disco zebra! I’m digging the beat!


JAMES: I was just about to say, isn’t this meant to be a duet?

BOGDAN: It had a promising start, but afterwards failed to live up to it

JAMES: Not a fan, sorry girls

BOGDAN: I want to give it more… but I can’t. 6

JAMES: A 4 from me

JAMES: We have our own hastag! Trend us, dear fans!! #JamDan

BOGDAN: Only 10 points for the Disco Zebra

JAMES: One of the girls laughed and said “Come on!!”… the other looked distinctly annoyed…

JAMES: AzRah thinks she’s “The One” – but is she the one going to Sweden?


JAMES: Loving the red!!

BOGDAN: Poor thing, she looks afraid!

JAMES: She can really move!

BOGDAN: Jazzy with some bits of dub-step

JAMES: She’s got an amazing voice, but I think this kind of song suits a jazz club more than the Eurovision stage. Bogdan?

BOGDAN: I agree. She looks happy about her performance. I can’t say the same… 4 from me

JAMES: That’s mean! 8 from me, I quite liked it!

JAMES: Julie said she had trouble following the message of the lyrics as a native English speaker.

(BOGDAN and JAMES bicker about the merits of reinstating the language rule at Eurovision)

JAMES: 16 points for AzRah… think it deserved a few more


BOGDAN: Provisional scoreboard. Elly in the lead. 3 more songs to go!

JAMES: Can Elly hold on to that top spot, Bogdan?

BOGDAN: To be honest James, I’m hoping for more!

JAMES: Lia really wowed me, but at 5th on the leader board, doubt she’ll jump ahead far enough to win… real shame though


JAMES: Sankil and One More Sound

BOGDAN: “Shake what your momma gave you”? Really?

JAMES: The picture doesn’t do the energy of the performance justice



JAMES: Very energetic performance, but not a massive fan of the sound

BOGDAN: It was entertaining. But again, it lacked something… can’t quite put my finger on what though…

BOGDAN: Got it! The chorus lacked any real hook

JAMES: Think I agree with you there.


JAMES: 6 too

JAMES: Have to give Austria credit, a lot of memorable stage shows tonight!

BOGDAN: 28 points from the jury. I’m surprised by that, but the show deserved it

JAMES: Sankil seemed pleased with the result

JAMES: Bella up next, penultimate song of the night


BOGDAN: Reminds me of Aminata a bit

JAMES: I really don’t like this.

JAMES: The look, the sound, the voice… nothing


BOGDAN: The reveal!A Eurovision institution

BOGDAN: Not very entertaining for me… I lay my weapons down, but I won’t surrender!

JAMES: Sorry, I try to be kind but I really didn’t like that. 2 points – and that’s for the reveal

BOGDAN: 3 points

JAMES: Originality and courage… well, it definitely was original, not seen anything like that before!

JAMES: Once again the jury completely disagree with us – 36 points for Bella!

JAMES: Our last contestant of tonight, I have a feeling Zoe might be one to watch… it’s also the only song in the selection not in English


BOGDAN: WOW! First few chords and I love it!!

JAMES: I was sceptical about Austria singing in French, but this is great!


BOGDAN: What a lovely performance! Bubbles, flowers, mountains… The Hills Are Alive!

JAMES: Wrong song about Austria, Bogdan :)))

JAMES: I’m really impressed, that was a very solid performance and… well, I loved it. I think we may have a winner, folks

BOGDAN: I agree. This was definitely the best of the night. Well done! 10 points!

JAMES: Douze points! 12 points from me!

JAMES: The judges are all praising Zoe… they just said she wrote the song too!

JAMES: Oh Julie, don’t keep criticising the language choices… English or French, it doesn’t matter, music speaks all languages! ❤

BOGDAN: 28 for Zoe. That’s far too low!


JAMES: I agree, 28 for that stunning performance… I’m really not happy… here’s the scoreboard from all the judges’ points

JAMES: Austria, start voting now! Remember, the Top 2 acts from the combined judges’ scored and public televote will move forward to 2nd round to battle it out for that all important ticket to Stockholm!

BOGDAN: While Austria votes, we’ll discuss our #MagicMic Moments from tonight


BOGDAN: My #MagicMic Moment has to go to Zoe. The moment she sang the first line, I fell in love with the song. I really hope she wins tonight!


JAMES: As much as I love Zoe and hope she wins tonight too, I’m awarding my #MagicMic Moments to #PolMoon – or Lia and Runaway. It was a beautiful ballad, wonderfully performed and what a finale! A Million Voices from Russia + A Thousand from Moldova = One fabulous Austrian ballad!


BOGDAN: So who do you think will be the 2 to advance to the final battle?

JAMES: I’d love to see Zoe make it to the next round. As much as I’d love Lia to join her, I think Elly or Bella is likely to be facing off against her.

BOGDAN: I think Sankil might make it too, but I’m rooting for Zoe!

There you have it, #JamDan for ZOE!! #WSFÖ


BOGDAN: Voting is over – back to the Green/Red Room


JAMES: While the votes are being verified, we’re being treated to a performance by Conchita!

BOGDAN: A slowed down version of ‘That’s What I Am’, Conchita’s song for the Austrian selection in 2012

JAMES: The audience still love her – and so do we!!

JAMES: And the 3 acts with the highest votes are… *drumroll*




BOTH: YAY! Well done Zoe!

JAMES: But only 2 can go to the next round…

BOGDAN: And Zoe is the 1st advancing to the next round!

JAMES: And the 2nd act is Elly!

JAMES: So it comes down to Zoe and Elly

BOGDAN: The Austrian public now have to choose between Elly and Zoe

JAMES: Pick up those phones people!!

JAMES: Elly is giving a reprise of “I’ll Be Around (Bounce)”

BOGDAN: Sounds better the 2nd time round

JAMES: Zoe up now with “Loin D’Ici” – still love this!

BOGDAN: I hope Zoe wins tonight!


JAMES: So both performers have sung once more… now to the results…

JAMES: Zoe the Gem of Austria – we certainly think so!

JAMES: And the winner is…

BOGDAN: We’ll find out in  90 seconds!!

JAMES: Representing Austria in Stockholm is… ZOE!!

JAMES: Congratulations Zoe! Thank you Austria for a wonderful evening!

BOGDAN: Well done! Awesome result! Good night Europe!

Thank you all for reading along with us tonight! You are all awesome!

Till next time #JamDan, all the best and good night! xx

Authors: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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