Eurovision 2016


Supernova Announcement

Labvakar!! Riga calling! After coming 6th last year in Vienna, we can’t wait to see what Latvia will be sending to Eurovision this year!

Tonight, 10 acts will compete at Supernova for the chance to sing for Latvia in Sweden this May. The songs will face a public televote from which to top 2 will go to the semi final on 21st February. Another 2 songs will also be selected by the jury – yup, kind of like Melodifestivalen. If you want a preview of the songs singing tonight and in the next heat too, take a look here

Back by popular demand, join James and Bogdan at 20:25 CET for our LIVE BLOG of ‘Supernova’s 1st Heat’. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

Latvia, inject us with your love tonight!


How To Watch


The Show starts at 20:25 CET

Tune in using the following this link


Running Order

These are the 10 acts singing for us tonight.

#1 Paula Dukure “Look in the Mirror”

#2 ElectroFolk “Miracle Drums”

#3 Rūta Dūduma “Being A Friend”

#4 Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis “We Are The Light”

#5 Sabīne Berezina “My Inspiration”

#6 Edvards Grieze “New Day”

#7 Marta Grigale “Choices”

#8 Catalepsia “Damnation”

#9 Samanta Tina “We Live For Love”

#10 Justs “Hearbeat”

How The Finalists Will Be Selected

The top 2 songs tonight will be selected only by a public televoting to go to the semi final. A jury will then select 2 more songs to progress to a 2nd chance round.


LIVE BLOG – Starts 20:25 CET Here


You know the drill by now peeps. You just refresh the page after each song for our comments. Don’t forget we will be awarding our #MagicMic Award for the most memorable moment of the show!


JAMES: Hello! Thanks for having us back again!

BOGDAN: Yesterday was a hell of a ride in Kiev, curious to see what Riga prepares for us tonight!



JAMES: No Bogdan, Latvia 😛

JAMES: Here we go!


JAMES: Our hosts… loving the gold top!


BOGDAN: Here are the judges for tonight… isn’t that Kati Wolf?

JAMES: Our first contestant, Paula is up!


BOGDAN: She kind of looks like a bird wearing that…

JAMES: But she sings like one too – not a bad song to start us off

BOGDAN: I enjoyed the vocals, but not so much the song. I would give it a 7

JAMES: I agree, not quite for me, but not bad. 6

BOGDAN: The jury is critiquing the performance. Paula is trying to smile, but doesn’t look pleased

JAMES: ElectroFolk up next. Sounds like a group I will like! 😀


JAMES: The signal dropped for a moment, so we’re not sure what’s happening…  but the #RigaBeaver is back!!

JAMES: Ok, we think this is the 2nd song

BOGDAN: I have no idea what the beaver is… but I like this one!

JAMES: I like this too, very soulful rock

JAMES: Ok… we are confused… we don’t think that was the entry… shame, as we both loved it!


JAMES: The screen has gone down, but we still have sound… can’t tell if it’s ElectroFolk though…

JAMES: OK, they’ve cleared it all up! We think it was a technical difficulty in Riga. Now it’s ElectroFolk!


JAMES: The Common Linnets, Latvian style?

BOGDAN: More like Vaida and Monika!

JAMES: It’s definitely more aggressive than either of those two songs – but it really works!

BOGDAN: I disagree, doesn’t work at all for me!

BOGDAN: What is a ‘miracle drum’ anyway?

BOGDAN: 5 for their passion

JAMES: 7 from me… maybe even an 8?


JAMES: Is this woman Jedward’s mother?!?!

BOGDAN: Can you see the waterline? *sings*

JAMES: We can see you’re all going crazy for #RigaBeaver again on Twitter!

JAMES: The Latvian judges sure like to give detailed feedback

BOGDAN: Ruta is singing now, “Being a Friend”


BOGDAN: Are you my friend James? Can I count on you? :))))

JAMES: Sure, why not? 😛

BOGDAN: This song is a bit too sweet for me… maybe it would have done well in the 80’s

JAMES: I think so too… Ruta has a stunning voice, I really love it… think the song is a bit dated though. Shame, she clearly has the talent

BOGDAN: Because it was sweet, and she said I’m her friend repeatedly (!) a 6

JAMES: I’m her friend too!! 6!

JAMES: The judges don’t look best pleased… don’t they want to be friends too?

JAMES: Ivo up next with “We Are The Light”


BOGDAN: It’s very atmospheric

BOGDAN: Good vocals, the dancing… not so much!

JAMES: Bit too disjointed for my taste… bits of it quite likeable with hints of Love Injected in there… and he looks REALLY serious and unhappy

BOGDAN: For the modern sound and his voice, a 7

JAMES: 5. Didn’t move me.

JAMES: We’re disagreeing more than we did yesterday blogging Ukraine… could be interesting when we come to choose our qualifiers later!

BOGDAN: Did anyone else see the RigaBeaver doing an Irish jig??


JAMES: He seems tired, bless him…

BOGDAN: Oh, he’ll be back!

JAMES: Hope so! My Inspiration by Sabine up now


BOGDAN: I don’t enjoy the combination of her voice with the backing singers

JAMES: They don’t mix very well.

JAMES: Otherwise, quite a pleasant song

BOGDAN: She’s pretty and looks fab tonight

JAMES: 6.5 from me

BOGDAN: The same. Sorry, not my inspiration tonight!

JAMES: We’re half way through our Latvian Supernova semi!

JAMES: Why isn’t the #RigaBeaver a judge? I think we’d all love to hear what he has to say!

BOGDAN: Maybe he’s shy… or she?

JAMES: Does anyone know the RigaBeaver’s gender? Write us a comment and let us know if you do!

BOGDAN: Edvards Grieze promising us a New Day next


JAMES: Did he just swear? 0_0 He does know that’s against the rules of the contest, right?

JAMES: He did! Ooops…

BOGDAN: Not great vocals for me either

JAMES: I’m not a fan either. Not my kind of song. 4

BOGDAN: 3. Sorry

JAMES: Judges are judging… and mentioned no swearing rule at Eurovision

BOGDAN: At least we think so… neither of us speak Latvian! Oh well, that’s a shhhh situation for him!

JAMES: Marta Grigale tells us about her Choices now – in song!


BOGDAN: I’m scared…

JAMES: Interesting choice of make-up!

BOGDAN: The sound is so 80s… reminds me of Nena (99 Red Ballons)

JAMES: Reminds me more of the Joker…

JAMES: I actually quite like the song though

BOGDAN: Me too. Reminds me of good old times 🙂 and about the choices we make

BOGDAN: I’m going to give it a personal shocking 8

JAMES: Same from me too – simple but memorable staging and a decent sound

BOGDAN: Did you notice you can hear the instrumental version of the song playing while the judges give their comments?

JAMES: It’s another advert break – you know what that means! More #RigaBeaver!! 😀


JAMES: Blue-rinse Beaver?

JAMES: Ah, now, I’m really intrigued by this next entry… Damnation… unusual name for a Eurovision song!


BOGDAN: This rocker won’t let go of his mic

JAMES: I quite like this. But I think a more general Eurovision audience might feel a bit alienated

BOGDAN: I enjoyed it, but it was kind of haunted

JAMES: I know, that’s why I liked it! 8 from me. Really different for Eurovision, but maybe too different

BOGDAN: Well, we did have Lordi and they won. Not sure they’ll do the same though. 6 from me

JAMES: They’d be in good company if they did go to Stockholm though. Cyprus and Georgia are sending rock bands (thanks Andrew for pointing that out! 😉 )

BOGDAN: Samanta Tina up next

JAMES: If she doesn’t get through tonight, she’s also taking part in the 2nd semi final next week! Unfair advantage? (just kidding, of course!)

BOGDAN: She’s a familiar face at Latvian Eurovision selections, she sang in 2012, 2013 and 2014


BOGDAN: Gorgeous gown! And the song sounds good too!

JAMES: I agree on both counts. That colour suits her very well


BOGDAN: A touch of opera too! It was a bit shaky at some parts, but I think it’s the best we’ve heard so far. An 8 from me.

JAMES: Usually I’d say you have to be careful mixing different musical styles, but this worked really well. Can I give it an un-Eurovision score of 9?

BOGDAN: Yeah James, you can – it’s our blog! At least for tonight 😉

JAMES: Justs coming up after the judges’ comments. This one comes quite highly recommended, so we’ve got high hopes. Ready for the last song of the night?

JAMES: Awww… we’ve just seen that Mans Zelmerlow has been liking our posts on Instagram! 😀 Are you reading our blog too Mans? Please let us know if you are! 😀

BOGDAN: We love you Mans! 😀


JAMES: Aminata looks different…



JAMES: Isn’t that Eirc Saade’s jacket from 2011?

BOGDAN: I like this one, it has quite a modern sound to it

JAMES: With a bit of work, I think this could do well in Stockholm

BOGDAN: Definitely do something different with the staging. Was a bit static

BOGDAN: An 8 from me. I’m feeling more generous tonight!

JAMES: I’m not 😛 a 7 from me though, was still very good

BOGDAN: One of the best we’ve heard tonight


BOGDAN: Doesn’t Aminata look proud of ‘her boy’? 🙂 She wrote Heartbeat

JAMES: Aminata gave an phenomenal performance in Vienna, she certainly won’t be an easy act to follow

JAMES: They’re explaining the voting procedure, lines should be opening soon

JAMES: We assume that’s Latvian for “the voting lines are open!”

JAMES: While Latvia votes, we’ll give you our reflections on Supernova with our #MagicMic moments!

Pic 2

BOGDAN: Because last year I missed it, my #MagicMic Award goes to the return of the #RigaBeaver! Loved his Irish dancing and his tribute to Aminata


JAMES: My #MagicMic Award goes to Samanta Tina for her operatic high notes during “We Live For Love”. Quite unexpected, but sounded and looked fantastic. Well done Samanta!


BOGDAN: Ok, so while we wait for the results from Riga, let’s give our own predictions. What do you think, James?

JAMES: It’s been a great show tonight and there have been some good entries. But, as you asked Bogdan, I think Samanta and Justs are, as the Swedes say, Direkt til Final! But that still leaves us our 2 acts who still have a second chance

BOGDAN: I have to agree with your choices. And about the other 2, I’d like to see Ivo and Marta get another chance to qualify for Supernova’s final.

JAMES: The results are in!

JAMES: Catalepsia and Justs are in!

BOGDAN: I’m curious to see if Samanta will get a 2nd chance

JAMES: Ivo is the 3rd act!

BOGDAN: I was right! Ivo and Marta get a 2nd chance! 😀

JAMES: Surprised but happy Catalepsia are in there!

JAMES: So, qualifying to the semi final we have Catalepsia and Justs, along with Ivo and Marta

BOGDAN: Thank you all for being with us tonight, hope you have enjoyed our comments and thoughts – good night!

JAMES: Join us again in future, can’t wait to see where we’ll be live blogging next! 😀

From both of us, thank you Riga and good night Europe!





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