AUSTRIA : ZOË will represent Austria at Eurovision 2016 – What do you think of Loin D’Ici?

If you were following our Live Blog from tonight then you will already know that Austria has decided! The public have spoken and  ZOË and Loin D’Ici are all set to go to Stockholm for Eurovision!

Austria will perform in the 1st semi-final on May 10th. To see who they’ll be up against for a ticket to the Eurovision 2016 final, take a look here

What do you think of the song? Is it enough to spare them another dreaded nul points? Might it even be enough to claim a 3rd victory for Austria?

Let us know what you think!


Authors: James Scanlan, Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I forgot to tell that this very cheerful song is far better than anything that we, the French, have sent to the contest recently. A top 10 is not unthinkable at all given that juries have also a word int the results and provided the audience would possibly appreciate this joyful song.
    Bonne chance, Zoe ! You have my “douze pointes”, as an Irish bird would say !

  2. J’adore ! J’adore ! J’ adore ! I completely fancied her as soon as I knew she would take part again in the Austrian final, and my wish came true ! French is not a dead language (yet) after all at eurovision.

  3. France will make sure that ZOË gets at least one set of 12 in SF1 – her enthusiasm and perfect vocals might get Austria into the Final, assuming that Eurovision viewers still like the sound of a French upbeat chanson. I have to say it sounded like a song that a young girl would sing – a little bit Vanessa Paradis?

    I think the Austrian studio audience and jurors were all gunning for an Elly V win though!

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