Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : Melodifestivalen rehearsal clips and our thoughts on the performances

Heat 2

YAY – We will have 7 songs competing this Saturday in Melodifestivalen!

Last week brought us skandal’, heartache, awesome songs and Les Ketchup (random), so what is in store this week?

One way to find out and that is to have a look at the rehearsal clips of the 7 acts in this weekend’s Melodifestivalen Heat from Malmo.


David 1

David Lindgren – We Are Your Tomorrow

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : I have liked Lindgren’s previous two entries in Melodifestivalen. His musical theater experience always shows in his performance and it looks like it does again. This is schlager and unashamedly so. It has a more McFly or Busted vibe to it than say ‘Skyline’ but that is not a problem at all. Liking this one as will the Schlager purists out there.


Viktor 1

Viktor och Natten – 100%

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : Don’t fret. Samir & Viktor have not split up. It’s a different Viktor! Well this is hip-hop meets Cheerleaders meets Schlager. It’s a smorgasbord of delights. The verse has a bass line like Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ and then it kicks into bubble gum pop for the chorus. Mixing your styles of music sometimes comes with a health warning similar to ‘Don’t mix your drinks’ so you may need a little tonic with this one if it is to qualify. As they said in the TV show ‘Heroes’ – “Save the cheerleader, save the world”.


Molly 1

Molly Pettersson Hammar – Hunger

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : First off we had to take a double look! We thought it was Lisa from the Eurovision Ireland team on the stage! Doppelganger Alert! Molly is über cute and engages with the camera and you can’t really teach that! This song has a stomping beat that I am rather taken by. The chorus is so catchy and is as they say a ‘song worm‘ as it buries itself in your head! This makes thinks interesting!


Isa 1

Isa – I will Wait

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : Well Isa is 3rd favourite in the betting to win Melodifestivalen and today I think she earned that status. This is a far superior song to her 2015 effort and shows that the girl has some serious pipes on her! Love the stark background staging and the thunderous bass line. Best of the show so far!


Krista 1

Krista Sigfrids – Falling

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : It is like Krista is returning home to where it began for her in Malmo. The one thing Krista will have to battle is that that people will compare ‘Falling’ to her previous Eurovision song ‘Marry Me’. That maybe unfair but it happens all the time when returning singers who were successful are back. ‘Marry Me’ was an instant fan fav so will they feel the same about ‘Falling’? Well after 2 listens of the clip I was hooked. Looking like a sexy Formula One Pitt Stop mechanic, this was slick and catchy. Will Swedes vote for their neighbour? They better as she is missing out on her UMK hosting duties to be at Melodifestivalen!


Tommy 1

Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson and Uno Svennigsson – Hall mit hjarta hart

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : Ok you have some serious Swedish Music Royalty in the house. That in itself is worth a lot of televotes alone. Sweden always remembers and rewards people who have done them proud at Eurovision. So in this case Tommy Nilsson is the name that we all remember. There is nothing else like this in the semi-final so that is a plus. It will appeal to the more mature Swedish viewer but will they pick up the phone and vote? I think this song will be battling it out for an Andra Chanson place and not a Direct Finalist. Personally I am not feeling it but I can see the merits of it for the home nation.


Viktoria 1

Wiktoria – Save Me

To look at the rehearsal clip – CLICK HERE

Review : Ok closing the show is the blond bombshell Wiktoria. Now I want you to do a simple test for me. Play the clip of her song ‘Save Me’ but don’t look at the clip – just listen to it. When you do that you hear a strong pop song from a singer that has small twangs of country music lilts. I really like it. Now play the clip again and look at the video. Wiktoria looks completely lost on stage to the point where I feel uncomfortable watching her. You would have expected from the blind listening to the song that there would be choreography and dancers and something in keeping with the beat of the song. This is a song that could be great if the staging comes together. They surely cannot leave her there singing alone?


Overall Feeling


I think this Heat is more difficult to call the winners when compared to last week. I think it was clear that Ace and Robin were going direct to the final.

This week the only one I can say that is a direct finalist is Isa. Strong song and presentation. They woman is in control and knows what she’s doing. After that it is a real battle. I would say that Molly could grab the second direct to final spot based on what we saw today.

If I had to pick 2 andra chanson places – maybe Krista and David but that is just going on 30 second of a clip. So while I think Heat 1 had 2 stand out songs, I think this Heat 2 has a more even playing field.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s rehearsals bring.

Who grabbed your attention today?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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