Eurovision 2015

#MagicMic – Prepare To Go XXL At Eurovision 2016

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

While everyone at this time of the year wants to slim down with New Year’s resolutions, we here at Eurovision Ireland are encouraging you to go XXL this year with us!

With 43 countries in the hunt for a victory at Eurovision we just know that there are going to be some serious moments along the way as each country select their entrant for Stockholm.

Who could forget the drama in Germany when Andreas Kummert had put in an amazing performance to win the German Final only for him to pass on the offer live on stage – SEE HERE

Or who could forget the epic moments from the ‘Riga Beaver’ as he stole the show in the Latvian National Selection – SEE HERE

Do you remember when we all first saw Måns Zelmerlöw and his stick men?

The thing we love about Eurovision and the National Selection season are the magic moments whether they are expected or unexpected, whether they are in tune or off-key or whether they are a singer or a host. They are what we like to call now our #MagicMic moments and in each national selection show we will award our #MagicMic award to someone or something and we will bring this all the way through to Eurovision itself.

So expect to see a lot of #MagicMic torso about. So get using the hashtag for some fun and maybe share your #MagicMic moments with us from over the years and this year.

We’ll get the ball rolling with this #MagicMic moment when Terry Wogan called out the wrong winner of the UK’s Song For Europe entry in 2007. Who could forget this #MagicMic moment!

So get your thinking hats on and tell us your #MagicMic moments as they happen or of years gone by!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and Graphic Design by Sascha Frasz

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  1. UK Song For Europe 2007 – the moment that if we had stuck with what Terry had said (it didn’t happen very often), we would have had a top ten at least…

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