Junior Eurovision 2005: A retrospective

JESC 2005

Two JESCs down, and it’s clear that it’s here to stay. The two winners to date were quality, and very mature in tone. Croatia, Spain and the UK had filled the top three places both times so far, but the remainder were gunning for them. As it’s turned out, the 18 participating countries in 2004 has been the most, but a field of 16 at the 3rd JESC in Belgium was still a very good attendance. And to prove Belgium is not a country of two communities that allegedly ignore each other, the show was a joint production between VRT and RTBF.

France and Switzerland withdrew, after one entry each. Poland also failed to make the third contest, possibly due to two poor results. Cyprus were also absent, but they would be back. They picked an entry, but the withdrawal was due to complications. To replace some of these countries, Serbia & Montenegro debuted for the entity’s one and only appearance. And we saw the début of Russia, a country that would become an ever-present participant from now on.

Greece – again – opened the contest that would see a wide variety of styles. We had keyboards on springs, unicycles, and violins.

Greece – Alexandros & Kalli – Tora einai i seira mas (It’s our turn now)

Denmark – Nicolai – Shake shake shake

Croatia – Lorena Jelusic – Rock baby

Romania – Alina Eremia – Țurai! (Hey)

United Kingdom – Joni Fuller – How does it feel?

Sweden – M+ – Gränslöss kärlek (Borderless love)

Russia – Vladislav Kruskhikh – Doroga k solntsu (Path to the sun)

Macedonia – Demis Dimoski – Rodendenski baknež (Birthday kiss)

Netherlands – Tess – Stupid

Serbia & Montenegro – Filip Vučić – Ljubav pa fudbal (Love, then football)

Latvia – Kids4Rock – Es esmu maza jauka meitene (I’m a little lovely girl)

Belgium – Lindsey – Mes rêves (My dreams)

Malta – Thea & Friends – Make it right!

Norway – Malin – Sommer er skolefri (Summer and school-free)

Spain – Antonio José – Te traigo flores (I bring you flowers)

Belarus – Ksenia Sitnik – My vmeste (We are together)

The interval act was María Isabel, who’d won the previous year in Lillehammer. She performed a medley of songs including her winner. It demonstrated that the flamenco sound was definitely her preferred style.

Only Spain could manage a third consecutive top three placing. Belarus and Norway made up the other places (it was neck and neck between these two until the end), and the top three were last three in the running order. In order to spare the blushes of some of the broadcasters, each participant was awarded 12 points by presenters Marcel Vanthilt and Maureen Louys.

So Belarus managed something they’ve not done – to date – in the adult ESC and won a contest. This wouldn’t be their last top three finish. Malin from Norway competed in the adult Norsk MGP in 2012, making the final. Nicolai from Denmark has released three solo albums. Ksenia from Belarus would open the 2010 JESC in Minsk. But what are some of the other artists up to now?

Which songs did you like best?

Author: John Stanton

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