Australia Come Back For More!

Australia Confirmed as contestants

Australia Confirmed as contestants

Guy Sebastian promised us it would be a case of ‘Tonight Again’ – and he wasn’t telling a lie! Australia have announced that they are back for another bite of the apple!

This time around the home of ‘Neighbours’, ‘Skippy’ and Kylie are trying their luck at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this November in Sofia.

Today they confirmed that they will take part in the contest and on Friday they will announce their representative. It seems as if Australia have made a good introduction to the EBU family and one has to question should we make them a permanent fixture on the European map!

SBS will broadcast the Junior Eurovision Song Contest at 19.30 Saturday 28 November on SBS. Eurovision fans can also tune in to SBS’s LIVE coverage of the contest from Sofia, Bulgaria, at 04.30 Sunday 22 November on SBS but televoting will not be used. The votes from Australia will be a 100% Jury Vote.

So what can we expect from Australia at Junior Eurovision? Can they be as successful as Guy Sebastian was in Vienna? Is there a younger and unknown Minogue sister waiting in the wings?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Junior Eurovision

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