Eurovision 2015

Rumour Mill – UK Dance Act ‘Orbital’ to Submit a Song for Eurovision Selection?



Every year the speculation as to who will represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision gets hectic to say the least. This year with the a public voting national selection process, it is already showing interest from a wide variety of artists including Ireland’s Jedward.

The latest name we have heard mentioned in the Eurovision Halls of Speculation in an interesting potential collaboration. Orbital were one of the biggest names in British electronica music in the 1990’s with hits like ‘Chime’. The band consisted of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll.

They were one of the elusive acts that were both commercially and critically successful. Rumours have it that they could be collaborating with a 20-year-old singer from Brighton called Fable.

One could say that this collaboration would not be your typical Eurovision entry but would be interesting to say the least!

One thing potentially hindering this possible submission is that on 21 October 2014, Orbital announced on their official website that they were “hanging up their iconic torch-glasses and parting ways for the final time” but would continue to work on projects separately. Paul Hartnoll announced his new project 8:58 that he released in March, 2015. However Orbital have announced their split on more than one occasion!

Who can say if they may collaborate on a song for singer Fable. One thing that we could say is that it would be great to hear a true dance song in a British National Selection.

Would Orbital work for you as a Eurovision Act? Would it be too electronica for Eurovision? Is the UK ready to experiment at Eurovision?

So we ask you – Chime or No Chime?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall



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