#ESC60 – We want your Favourite Eurovision Memories for the past 60 years

#ESC60 Photo : Eurovision Ireland

#ESC60 Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Eurovision Ireland is starting preparations for our celebrations for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest and we want your help. Welcome to our Hashtag #ESC60 

We are looking for you to share your favourite moments from Eurovision or National Finals from over the 60 years of the contest. It can be a song, a singer, an interval act, a funny moment, a poignant moment, a car crash moment, a presenter, a post card…..You get the picture – It can be ANYTHING!

We want to celebrate the upcoming 60 years of Eurovision with your help!




  • We need pictures of you and your fiends from all across Europe
  • Video yourself or you and your friends for 30 seconds max telling us your #ESC60 moment and call it that “My #ESC60 Moment is……..”
  • Email your clips to Eurovisionireland@live.ie with #ESC60 in the title of your email
  • Footage can be filmed on a Smart Phone or Video Recorder
  • Make the video really fun and interesting. Stand in front of a famous Landmark, Building (maybe the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye, The Leaning Tower of Pizza, The Acropolis or your favourite Takeaway, Beach etc – you get the drill) Make sure to tell us where you are from and you can share your Twitter handle with us and we will hopefully get you some new fellow Eurovision followers
  • Large Groups or individuals in the videos are welcome as always – Big is Beautiful
  • Make sure to say in your email your name and where you are from so we can share your #ESC60 moments with Europe and our Eurovision Family. 

There you go. Get filming straight away and get the chance to be seen by millions of people. 

We will start posting weekly updates of your videos in January and all the way up until Vienna in May. The more weird and wacky the better. This is your chance to tell Europe your favourite #ESC60 moments.

So  get your phone or video camera out and get shooting. It’s not every year that Eurovision celebrates such a birthday!

So make sure to share #ESC60 on Twitter and start sending in your videos to us.

What is your favourite #ESC60 moment?

Is it a golden oldie or something from the new millennium?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. I didn’t record it. 😦 But it was a very memorable night. 🙂 In fact, I hope to have an even better Eurovision party this year. I want to order typical Austrian and German cuisine for my Eurovision 2015. Buy proper confetti flick sticks and I have a new blazer. So I really hope to have a really good 60th anniversary party.

    I will then plan my Junior Eurovision 2015 party after I come back from my holidays in France. It will have to be big if Ireland is debuting.

  2. My favourite moment watching Eurovision was watching Copenhagen 2014 dressed up in a tuxedo, having a mini BBQ in my house with all of my relations. Me watching it on RTE and my Mum and aunt watching it on BBC with Graham Norton’s commentary and Conchita winning the whole thing. My house was strewn in multi- coloured confetti when Austria won. The 10/5/14 was the best night of 2014 and Copenhagen 2014 was the best Eurovision Song Contest since 1994 in my opinion.

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