International Poll : Conchita Wurst and the James Bond Theme song?

Conchita Wurst  and James Bond. Photo : YouTube

Conchita Wurst and James Bond. Photo : YouTube

International Poll – Who should sing the next James Bond Theme song – gets a Eurovision interest!

That is the question being asked by the British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’. The usual suspects are in their on-line poll from Lana Del Ray to Sam Smith to Queen featuring Adam Lambert – however what has been interesting to see is that Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst has been trending on twitter as well for the coveted role of the James Bond Theme song.

Conchita has never hid the fact that James Bond would be an ultimate dream for her. So it seems as if people are voting for our Eurovision Queen in the on-line poll in the ‘Other’ option.

As you can see from the on-line videos (of which there are countless) many people have already made the connection between Conchita and James Bond. Daniel Craig has gone on record several times saying that he believes the character of James Bond is one that could have an “unconventional love storyline” as Bond is a confident man in his own sexuality.

Guess we have to ask if the producers and movie executives are brave enough to accept the #Unstoppable challenge. I think it is a no brainer – of course they should!

You can vote on-line now HERE – So what are you waiting for! Thousands have already voted for Conchita.

Don’t forget that there have been plenty of Eurovision links with James Bond before! Lulu who won the contest in 1969 for the United Kingdom sang the theme song for the Bond Movie ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ and then there was the amazing Matt Monro who came second in the contest for the UK went on to sing the theme song for the movie ‘From Russia With Love’.

Are we set for a third Eurovision singer?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Telegraph

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  1. The beautiful and multi-talented Ms. Conchita Wurst is the “complete package” for the James Bond Theme Song that even M would approve without blinking her eyes. With passion/dedication and creative expression to every song she sings, she can certainly sing the next theme song to perfection. Ms. Wurst is not just an ordinary pretty face, sky-high heels, and trendy/beautiful clothes persona; she’s got the intelligence and the perfect voice to boot that the producers and the movie executives must consider big time….

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