Belarus : Watch more videos of Day 2 of Eurovision 2015 Auditions in Belarus

Misters 'I want you to dance'- Eurovision 2015. Photo : YouTube

Misters ‘I want you to dance’- Eurovision 2015. Photo : YouTube

Belarus hosted their second day of live auditions to find their finalists for their Eurovision 2015 selection. Yesterday we brought you a round-up of Day 1 with performances from Milki (Alexander Rybak’s new group) and the wonderfully wacky Sweet Brains. Can any of today’s selection ‘Work Their Magic’ for Belarus at Eurovision – see what I did there!


If you fancy some funky retro pop music then you want the handsome duo of Misters and their song ‘I want you to dance‘. Think Michael Jackson meets Bros (remember them from the 80’s) meets a faithful Robin Thick



UZARIi & MAIMUNA bring us a pop song with a classical overtone thanks to a solo violin. His vocals are deep and full of gravel and passion. This song builds and builds like musical foreplay. If they can pull this off (pardon the pun) live then this is a good song in the making.



Janet goes old school on us with her power ballad ‘Supernova’. Not so much ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ as more ‘Believe in Me’ meets Kallay Saunders ‘Running’. This is the power ballad that goes all dance on you. This one will depend on the staging as it could either be #OMG or #WTF



Bring on the MEN – well the MENs as they are called. A rock/metal band with pop boyband looks. That is a conundrum in itself! ‘No Smoking’ should come with a health warning as this is not usually my preferred choice of Eurovision music but it is catchy as it is simplistic. Certainly not a ‘drag’ this ain’t too bad!




Every contest needs a rest room break and this time around it comes courtesy of Diana. The song is called ‘Remembrance’ and it is ironic as it is the song that I can’t remember at all. All very dated and in the past. I would be surprised to see this in the Belarussian National Final – but hey it’s Belarus where NOTHING is impossible.



This is a rough diamond just waiting to be polished. A quirky mid tempo techno ballad with hints of “1..2..3.. Chandelier”. I think that if this was a song coming from France then people would be all talking of French Style Ohh La La! As it is from Belarus you just don’t know how this song will sit with the public or the jury members. Be brave is what I say to the jury. Give this a chance in your national final.


So have any of these floated your boat? Do any of them scream out to you Minsk 2016? Could you see yourself getting your finger to…….vote (you cheeky people out there)


Tell us what you think.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. MISTERS: It’s retro but it’s dire and quite repetitive.

    UZARii and MAIMUNA: Better than the first song. But still empty to me.

    JANET: The best song so far. Could do well due to it’s slow start and energetic break into chorus. Staging will matter big time as it could make the difference between top 5 and a non qualifier.

    MENs: Good health warning. I like this song alot. But this is 2015, not 2007. So I’m not sure if this will do particularly well. It might end up like ”Cheesecake” or ”No Prejudice” for Belarus and Iceland respectively in 2014 and finish mid table in the final.

    DIANA ALEXANDROVA: Nice ballad. But it’s very flat and lacking in power.

    ANITA KURKACH: I can compare her to Lorde. That is a good thing for originality.

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