BELARUS : Video’s from today’s Eurovision 2015 auditions in Belarus #OMG – Seeing is Believing!

Belarus Eurovision 2015 Selection. Photo : YouTube

Belarus Eurovision 2015 Selection. Photo : YouTube

Belarus kickstarted today their Eurovision 2015 national search for the act that they hope will bring them their first win at Eurovision and they have brought us some #OMG moments!

The live auditions kicked off and also some of the contenders have posted their entries on-line. So here is a flavour of what is on offer in Belarus for Eurovision. Here is a brief video of some of today’s live performances.

You have to look at the full performance of Sweet Brains ‘Runaway’. Oh Eurovision needs this on stage. Think Family Guy meets a Tim Burton film and you have this song #OMG but we LOVE IT!

Then for something completely different is the Alexander Rybak written song for the girl group that he formed called Milki. Here is a brief video of their live audition today in Belarus of their song ‘Accent’

Then we go to some Hip Hop/Rock for 3 ‘Ladies in Red’ – Beatrees and their very radio friendly song ‘Fighter’. Think Christina Aguilera meets Katy Perry – see what you think of it

3 ladies in red seems to be en vogue in Belarus as we have another trio – INZHIR and their song ‘Go on, Baby’. This is a good song but suffers from that classic Eurovision issue of singing in English while not sounding English! I couldn’t understand some of the lyrics but that can be sorted with TONS of REHEARSALS! This song has a killer breakdown moment that is funky. Check it out!

Napoli return to the Belarussian national selection with another classy song. ‘My Dreams’ is R-n-B and darn good.

The Switter Boys make a welcome return to the Belarus selection process. They gave me a classic National Selection moment before. They are back with a Dance/Latin/Pop song called ‘Ice Nice’. If you can’t remember that title then there is no hope for you. This is pure cheese but I LOVE cheese and who knew Belarus made such tasty cheese like this! Cheese Cheese and more Cheese Please!


Now there are several more Belarussian tasty treats for you to listen to – they may not be as sweet as Teo’s ‘Cheesecake’ but we will force feed you them tomorrow.

So have any of the above songs made you think that is could be Minsk 2016? Would Sweet Brains make you ‘Runaway’? Or are you a Switter Boy at heart?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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