Eurovision 2014

Ukraine : Verka Serduchka is back with a new song ‘Hydropark/Scarlet Lipstick’ – Let’s get wet!

Verka Serduchka's new song 'Hydropark'. Photo YouTube

Verka Serduchka’s new song ‘Hydropark’. Photo YouTube

Ukraine’s most glittering Eurovision performer Verka Serduchka returns with another dance floor filler – ‘Hydropark/Scarlet Lipstick’.

The 2007 2nd place Eurovision singer entered the Ukrainian charts at #28 last week with the new song. It looks as if the song will be getting a big push from the record company in the new year but it is already available to download HERE

This song comes off Verka’s recent tour of Germany. ‘Hydropark’ is in the same vein as Serduchka’s 2007 Eurovision hit ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’. 

Verka is the type of performer where you need to see the stage show to get the full impact of the song. A chipper mix of Schlager and Europop/techno this is a foot tapper for sure.

Bring on the silver dancers is all I say!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and

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