Ireland : ‘You’re A Star’ Winner, ‘The Voice’ Contestant and ‘Industry’ Band member aim for Eurovision 2015

Liir - For Eurovision 2015? Photo : ALEX HUTCHINSON

Liir – For Eurovision 2015? Photo : ALEX HUTCHINSON

Sisters are doing it for themselves! ‘Liir’ is the new female pop group hoping to go to Eurovision for Ireland next year and it includes some familiar names.

Liir includes ‘You’re A Star’ winner Leanne Moore, ‘The Voice of Ireland’ contestant Kim Hayden and Michele McGrath – who used to be in Irish pop group ‘Industry’.

The trio have come together with the aspiration of representing Ireland at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna.

Leanne Moore said

“We recorded a song by a Wicklow songwriter Alan Earls. Michele and I have been talking about this for so long and got in touch with Kim a few months ago”

Now you may remember the name Alan Earls as he was the composer of Johnny Logan’s song ‘Prayin that made the final of ‘The Hit’ here in Ireland earlier in the year and also went Top 3 in the Charts.

“We have to go for it, the chance to represent your country – that’s amazing.”

Leanne won the Irish talent show ‘You’re a Star’ in 2008 and entered the Irish Eurovision selection in 2010 though losing out to Niamh Kavanagh’s ‘It’s For You’. However Leanne then was a backing singer for Jedward in 2011 and 2012 and then for Ryan Dolan in 2013. So she knows her Eurovision!

Kim Hayden was a contestant on ‘The Voice of Ireland’ in 2012 and since the show she has been working on new material including her recent duet with Paddy Casey ‘Out of Control’.

Finally we have Michelle McGrath who was a member of Irish group ‘Industry’. They toured with JLS and also supported The Pussycat Dolls.

Could this trio with a song from Alan Earls be set to make it to the Irish Eurovision selection? Time will tell.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Very Interesting. If Alan Earls can bring Johnny Logan in the Top 3 in the charts here in Ireland. He could bring Liir’s Eurovision song to the top spot in the charts.

    Also, all the artists seem to have a lot of experience:

    1. LEANNE MOORE won You’re A Star in 2008. Since then, she has become a very well known face in Ireland. Through hosting Xpose on TV3 and performing at Eurovision for Ireland between 2011-2013. She has the experience of what it is like to be in all areas of the Eurovision scoreboard as a result.

    2. Since being a contestant on The Voice of Ireland, KIM HAYDEN has produced new material. She has collaborated with Paddy Casey, a well renowned Irish singer. Her voice is stunning and her style of music is perfect, not only for the Eurovision Song Contest. But for the radio.

    3. As part of ”Industry”,, Michelle McGrath has toured with JLS and supported The Pussycat Dolls. That’s obviously a good sign. I also think her voice is quite good as well.

    So based on that, I think that there is a lot of potential for ”Liir”. But girl bands haven’t fared that well in Eurovision. However, with the right song, that could very easily change. It worked for the Common Linnets with country music. So it could work for the girl bands.

      • I really hope that they have a really good, strong, different and radio friendly song for the Eurovision Song Contest. If they can deliver a really sexy performance that clicks well with the song that resonates with the viewers all over Europe and with the juries, I expect big things.

        Could Ireland be a serious threat to the top of the scoreboard in 2015? Only time will tell. Hopefully.

      • I get the feeling that if Alan Earls bring Johnny Logan to the top 3 in the charts, he could bring Liir’s Eurovision song to the top spot in the charts. If it works out, their song could be a chart success across Europe.

        Also, another thing I would say is, if they have a really good song and sing live really well, I expect big things for us in 2015.

        Are we a threat to the top of the scoreboard? Only time will tell. I hope we are.

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