Austria : ORF decides to “coach” their Eurovision 2015 entry with the best in the business

Anna F. will coach Austrian Eurovision 2015 Hopefuls. Photo : BTM

Anna F. will coach Austrian Eurovision 2015 Hopefuls. Photo : BTM

ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) not only has the honour of hosting the 60th Eurovision Song Contest but they have the responsibility of ensuring that the home entry also shines on the night of the Grand Final.

So how does ORF intend on ensuring that they have the best act possible at Eurovision 2015? Well you get in the best people in the business in to co-ordinate your National Selection.

ORF will host 4 live broadcasts as they search for Conchita’s successor. Can Austria do the double and win again? Do they want to won again? The answer to both of those questions would appear to be “YES”.

Those who want to represent Austria next year in Vienna will have to have an obvious passion and talent in performing but more importantly have to be able to work with world-renowned songwriters and producers.

ORF TV director Kathrin Zechner believes

“As a small country, we have a worldwide reputation as a land of music, and good music is produced in many of our rehearsal rooms, on small stages and at home on laptops…We want to find, get to know and purposefully coach these undiscovered treasures in close cooperation with the Austrian music scene, in order to have yet another very special song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015″.

So who will be coaching the Eurovision hopefuls?  Alex Deutsch (Musician and Music Manager) and Anna F. (Singer and Songwriter). They are determined to create a talent casting show that is unique and not like anything gone before.

We love Anna F’s song from last year ‘DNA’. We seriously hope that she can bring a performance and song from Austria’s Eurovision 2015 entrant.

Are there any up and coming singers that you would like to see at Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ORF


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