Eurovision 2012

Romania : Mandinga channel Latvia’s ‘Pirates of the Sea’

Mandinga - 'Ce poveste' with Connect-R. Photo : Mandinga Facebook

Mandinga – ‘Ce poveste’ with Connect-R. Photo : Mandinga Facebook

Romania : Mandinga seem to think that they are from Latvia as they are looking very ‘Pirates of the Sea’ with the release of their new video for ‘Ce poveste’ with Connect-R.

They’ve done it again and come up with another great pop/folk song and features my favourite instrument the accordion. Mandinga team up with rapper Connect-r on this track and what you have is a funky summer tune which is really good as it is raining here in Ireland.

Elena will make you NEVER look at a hammock in the same way again. High jinx on the high seas as one-eyed pirates try to take over the ‘Good Ship Mandinga’.

I thought that Rum was the drink of choice of Pirates – apparently not. These days it’s Coca-Cola as all differences between both ships are resolved over a cool refreshing class of Coke (possibly with a sneaky shot of rum).

Either way “I’m Loving It”

Marks out of 12 – It is a thirst quenching 8 points


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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