Eurovision 2014

Ukraine have been offered assistance to go to Eurovision 2015

Ukraine Eurovision 2015 offer. Photo : NTU

Ukraine Eurovision 2015 offer. Photo : NTU

NTU (Ukraine’s National Broadcaster) have been offered assistance to fund and stage an act for Eurovision 2015. Yesterday the broadcaster announced that they would be taking a year away from the contest but that could change!

The successful Ukrainian music producer Timofey Nagorny has offered to fund the selection and staging of an act for Ukraine at Eurovision 2015. His offer came hours after NTU announced that they would sit 2015 out.

His name may sound familiar to you as he was one of the men responsible for Mika Newton’s ‘Angel’ at Eurovision in 2011 that came 4th in the Final. Speaking to media Nagorny said

“If NTU can not organise a selection, I am willing to do it for them. I am ready to pay all the expenses for the preparation of the act, who will be able to represent Ukraine at the international competition. I do not even have to like the act. I do not guarantee Ukraine first place, but I can guarantee the top ten.”

Nagorny is resolute to offer a positive image of Ukraine besides that “of the battlefield” that the world is currently seeing. This is certainly a lifeline been given to NTU.

Will they accept it is the next question?

We would certainly miss Ukraine at Eurovision. Do you think NTU should accept the offer of assistance or is it right that they concentrate on their current political situation?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : KP.UA

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