Eurovision 2012

Tooji Underwhelms and degrades the Modern Woman in his new video ‘Cocktail’

Tooji - 'V for Vendetta'. Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji – ‘V for Vendetta’. Photo : Tooji Facebook

We brought you a taster of Tooji’s new song ‘Cocktail’ a few days ago and we were ready to eat his hat if the song and video proved our predictions wrong that it would not be nothing more than an attempt to be controversial.

Well I am very happy to report that “I will not need to get my knife and fork out and that Tooji’s hat looks set to be safe for a long time to come!”. This song and video is so underwhelming that even Tooji himself only makes a cameo appearance in it – and for good reason!

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for equality in the world that we live in and I don’t mind controversy if there is a message behind it, but this video for ‘Cocktail’ screams of  “Look At Me – Nudity – Girls Gone Wild”.

The video begins with one of Hillary Clinton’s speeches where she talks of the potential of women. I heard this and I said to myself “Ok – maybe Tooji has grown up since his terrible video for ‘Packin’ Guns” however 10 seconds into the video he went and did it again – Disappointed me! At least he is consistent.

Tooji 'Cocktail'. Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji ‘Cocktail’. Photo : Tooji Facebook


For Tooji the potential for women in the modern era is to become drunken men who live by excesses, enjoys strippers, hump public statues and throw up on a night out. I think that is what was called the 1990’s phenomena of the ‘Ladette’. Yet Tooji feels it necessary to revisit this. Well The Prodigy did this in a much more effective and artistic way with their song and video for ‘Smack My Bitch Up’. I suggest Tooji takes note.

All that the 2012 Norwegian Eurovision singer has done is to degrade women by saying that to be smart and successful then you must act the part of being socially dysfunctional. Not even the glimpse of a buff man in a uniform stripping fully is enough to save this video from the attention seeking scrap heap.

Unless Tooji is unaware but women have higher standards than those he portrays in the video. However I can find two positive things to say about ‘Cocktail’ – Firstly I like the trumpet interludes and Secondly I only wasted 3 and a half minutes of my life looking at the video!

Marks out of 12 – Do I have to give it any? I point and I am being generous!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Well, I think Tooji is hoping to show how bad many business men behave and how that is so much more ok than if there are women doing the same things. It has nothing to do with degrading women. Probably more about how men become heroes after sleeping around and women are called sluts. That’s what I think the video is about. 🙂

    • Interesting take on it Gurk and I can see you point.
      I guess I wonder why the Hillary Clinton quote is there saying that girls have potential. That for me puts it at odds with the rest of the video
      Isn’t it funny how people can interpret things differently?

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