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Ukraine withdraws from Eurovision 2015 – Is that a relief for the EBU?

Ukraine Eithrdraw from Eurovision 2015. Photo : Fanpop

Ukraine Eithrdraw from Eurovision 2015. Photo : Fanpop

NTU (Ukrainian National Broadcaster) has announced that they will not participate at Eurovision 2015.

The CEO of NTU Zurab Alasanya said that the funds to take part in Eurovision 2015 were not readily available for the broadcaster for the contest.

Vlad Baginsky,Director of Entertainment at NTU advised that the broadcaster had contacted artists directly but they all declined the offer citing that Ukrainian funds could be used more wisely during these troubled times for the country.

By these troubled times you know that they are referring to the ongoing political situation with Russia at present. Ukraine is gripped by their struggle against Russia that has annexed Crimea and tentative cease fires grip other parts of the Ukraine.

Is Ukraine withdrawing from Eurovision 2015 a relief potentially for the EBU? Don’t get me wrong, the EBU most certainly want Ukraine to be at Eurovision each year. However Ukraine is always one of the countries that you can count on to send a song that will be visually amazing on the stage and will be in the running to potentially win the contest.

in 2014 you could hear the reaction that they got in the contest and the negative reaction that Russia received in contrast. With International political opinion being overwhelmingly pro-Ukraine, 2015 could see a massive public vote towards Ukraine and also from Juries. Therefore one could not rule out a Ukraine victory in 2015 in an embodiment of “Building Bridges”.

So a potential Ukraine victory in 2015 would leave both NTU and the EBU in a quandary. On the one hand you want Ukraine to host the show in 2016 and assert their national pride but on the other hand can you imagine the security and financial implications on the country that is already struggling due to their ongoing political situation with Russia. Potentially hosting the contest in 2016 would probably be a “Bridge Too Far”.

So we will all miss (including the EBU) Ukraine at Eurovision 2015 but we fully understand that the country and broadcaster has a much wider situation that deserves their full attention.

On a positive note NTU have said that they fully intend to be back at Eurovision in 2016.

Ukraine will be missed but we look further to their return to the contest in 2016.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : NTU


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