Live Rolling Blog of First Dress Rehearsal of Eurovision Semi Final 2 – 15:00 (CET)

Dress Rehearsal LIVE Rolling Blog. Photo :

Dress Rehearsal LIVE Rolling Blog. Photo :

You have the pleasure of the company of Andrew James Main for the first Dress Rehearsal of Semi Final at 15:00 CET. So make sure you #JoinUs as this will be the first time we get to see the songs sung side by side. Who will pop out as a potential winner – Andrew will guide you through the hazards of the first dress rehearsal and the mishaps! Andrew will give you his opinions on who rose up to the occasion and who fell at the last hurdle and give you his Top 10 Predictions. Just Refresh the live blog here



Welcome to the rolling blog for the first dress rehearsal Semi Final 2. After a few shock from the first Semi last night we wait to see if this will be repeated in this one tomorrow night. There was only a 3 point gap between 10th-12th last night it was announced so it goes to show how vital it is to get your performance right on the night.

So the show begins on time. We have dancers on stage with 3 boxes with mini fiddler inside. A modern piece of dance here with lots of movement and colourful backdrops. The hosts are introduced. Australia are mentioned. Australia are part of the show in catering but will appear in the show later on. The voting is explained in 2 languages.

The show begins.

Malta create their flag on a beach using lots of brick a bat.

MALTA: A nervous start from Malta. Sweeping camera angles show the group in a line on the stage. Pictures of people in the backdrop who are all coming home.  The vocals are getting much better now really slick performance and so darn catchy. I think we have our first qualifier already.

Israel create their flag on a salt lake.

ISRAEL: Mei is looking feisty in a black dress. She starts off well and starts her strutting. The hairography is great and the choreo is slick and sharp. Very energetic and colourful and another fab performance from Israel. This should qualify.

Norway create their flag using window frames and glass.

NORWAY: Carl is very fragile on the stage with his soulful static performance. All very dark and he looks more to the camera but still is tempted to close his eyes. Vocally as good as I have heard and we have a very dark dramatic ballad here which should also qualify.

GEORGIA: A good 45 seconds of yodelling does not endear me to this song. The parachuted drummer seems a bit crazy but hey it is Eurovision. The female vocals sound very Cleo Lane and are nice. But the song does nothing for me.

Poland create their flag in a recording studio.

POLAND: Traditional costume abounds here, two girls to the fore are showing their bosoms. Cleo is in fine voice for this upbeat dubstep tune. They have some good camera shots of the dancing interlude. Another potential qualifier. The kids in the audience look bemused.

We go to a break. Another Eurovision record, the most claps goes to Austria 76 with 157 claps.

Austria create their flag using dresses.

AUSTRIA: A dramatic bond themed song starts very dark with us panning closer to Conchita while her face is unlit then we see her in all her bearded glory. Lovely vocals and another solid performance here. The dress looks fabulous. The backdrop reveal red phoenix wings of fire, amazing effect. Another qualifier for me.

Lithuania  create their flag with umbrellas.

LITHUANIA: A great beat to this song with some very interesting choreography between the dancer and singer. This is perhaps too much for the normal viewer though as I love it. But I fear it may miss out on the Final.

Finland create their flag with ice on a frozen lake.

FINLAND: A very quiet start to a decent rock song. These guys are young but they look the part. A good energetic number with enough rawness in the vocal to fit the genre. A very strong polished performance. The kids in the audience are loving this one. I am sure this qualifying too.

Ireland create their flag with balloons.

IRELAND: Well the backdrop looks amazing. Kasey is looking more comfortable here. The dancers still look surplus. The vocals are  fine albeit could be a little bit stronger. Some of the camera work has been tightened up but this still does not have enough of an oomph for me. Its still on the borderline for getting through, it is still achievable.

Belarus create their flag with ice hockey pucks.

BELARUS: A pleasant pop song from here with a slick looking boyband style choreo. Teo looks relaxed and smiling. His vocals are polished and the pronunciation is fine too. A decent effort but also on the cusp for qualification but it has a better chance than Ireland.

Macedonia create her flag from playing cello and getting a plane to vibrate with sand.

MACEDONIA: Very monochromatic backdrop here she is in black with white trim. The dancer in white. Some interesting interaction between the two. Great vocally and great reaction in the hall. This could well qualify now.

Switzerland create the flag with dominoes.

SWITZERLAND: A whistling intro this is bright and bouncy. Sebalter sings well and smiles loads into the camera. A  polished confident performance here. This may well get through too.  He makes use of the catwalk while on the fiddle then switches to a drum.

Another break now and we are in the green room talking about the DVD and the trophy. Another record now licking won by Johnny Logan.

Greece create their flag on a beach with shells and a towel.

GREECE: A slow start with some rap. Then the beat kicks in, highly infectious. Some of the vocals are rather dodgy at first. Both singers make use of the 2 catwalks. Some of the camera work is off. Enter the trampoliner. A slo mo effect then the singers are bouncing on the trampoline, the vocals are poor here. It should qualify on the assumption they will get better tomorrow.

Slovenia create their flag using books.

SLOVENIA: She is in a blue dress and good swirling circular effects on the stage during the performance. Some of the vocals were off a lit bit pitchwise. Lovely backdrop for this one and she seems to be enjoying herself. This is perhaps just going to miss out.

We have an unexpected break now as their is some sort of technical issue.

We are back and Romania create  their flag using fireworks reflecting in the water.

ROMANIA: Ovi starts us off. Then we have a video image of Paula who then enters from other side of stage. We still have the circular keyboard. The vocals are polished here. The keyboard bit is still a bit naff. Another awkward moment when they embrace, but this is certain to go through.

We get the recap and I am then going to close off as have other commitments but will add my prediction before I go.

Andrew’s Predictions

Ok so I will get this off my chest first. Based on what we have seen so far and comparing it to all the other songs Ireland are in big trouble. As of now they are not qualifying but they still have time to improve but I fear time is now very short.

Others not getting through  are Georgia and Slovenia. It will be tight for the last couple of slots but I think Macedonia and Lithuania will just miss out to Belarus and Poland.




Author: Andrew James Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Nice to finally put a face to the name Andrew, it was good to meet you today at Euro Café. You guys are doing such a wonderful job, well done and thank you. Hello to Garrett from me 🙂

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