The Grand Final is Shaping up.

Eurovision 2014 Semi Final Rehearsals Rolling Blog. Photo : EBU/DR

Eurovision 2014 Semi Final Rehearsals Rolling Blog. Photo : EBU/DR

The Final is shaping up now although we do not know the positions in the running order except for Denmark. So here is how it is looking









Sweden and Armenia are one and two in the betting odds so a first half draw may be a hindrance to both their chances. Also Ukraine who are fifth favourite have the same issue. From the above list Iceland is jumping out at me as a potential show starter in the Final.


United Kingdom





The Netherlands

San Marino


Denmark No. 23

The second half of the show is always seen as being an advantage as was apparent by most of the countries artists reactions of joy when they were seen drawing it out of the bowl. The United Kingdom at third favourite and Hungary at 4th favourite must really fancy their chances now. Also after their Semi Final The Netherlands have shot up the ranking to sixth and talk of a Dutch win is raising it’s head now. San Marino must be delighted at a first time in the Final and a second half draw gives them a good chance for a respectable finish on the scoreboard instead of the bottom as some were assuming would be their destiny. Maybe just maybe?

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  1. Hungarian András Kallay’s Running must WIN ,
    sooooo touching, important the message of the song, +
    worldclasss performance +………..:-)

  2. So happy for San Marino !! brilliant, I really hope they enjoy the final! I love the netherlands really deserve to be there. Disappointed for Estonia. I thought Armenia lacked something Sweden and Hungary were way better!

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