Eurovision 2014

SPAIN : Watch Ruth Lorenzo’s Explosive “Come Dancing” performance from Last Night

Ruth Lorenco on "Come Dancing". Photo : RTVE

Ruth Lorenzo on “Come Dancing”. Photo : RTVE

“Dancing In The Rain” got it’s “Come Dancing” live performance last night in Spain. Ruth Lorenzo threw down the gauntlet to her competitors at Eurovision with a live performance of her entry for this year’s contest.

However it wasn’t just any live performance – she recreated the dancing from her official video for “Dancing In The Rain” and she didn’t miss a note or step for that matter.

You can watch the live performance HERE or below

The woman can sing and dance. I get the feeling that this will may not be the performance for Eurovision but you can still appreciate what she just did. I can’t even run for the bus “In The Rain..The Rain..The Rain..The Rain” without being out of breath – never mind singing a song and being thrown around by a dancer – let’s face it, it would need to be a VERY strong dancer to lift me like that!

Bien Hecho Ruth


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTVE



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  1. This was an extremely bold performance by Ruth – she was a bit breathless at times and I am sure she would not do anywhere as much dancing in Copenhagen but it does show she could do some movement in her choreography. This would hopefully make her act more watchable than just the straight singing – although she is kind of mesmerizing…

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