POLL : Who Will Finish Highest from the Big 6 This Year at Eurovision?

Vote in Our Poll for "The Big Six". Photo :

Vote in Our Poll for “The Big Six”. Photo :

It’s time for you to decide which of the Big 6 countries will finish highest in the Grand Final at Eurovision in Copenhagen. Will you be sporting a “Moustache” or pulling a Gene Kelly and “Dancing In The Rain” while chatting up someone with a “Cliche Love Song”, asking yourself “Is it Right” that you are “Children of the Universe” and just hoping that Eurovision will come to “La Mia Città” someday? That took me AGES to write so return the favour and VOTE!


Here is our poll for Big 6 Automatic


You can vote as many times as you like (but our system will make you cool off if you go crazy) and you can share the love and the poll with your friends. Get behind your favourite song and country in Semi Final 1. We will keep the poll open until the night before the live Grand Final on May 10th to see if you can predict who of the Big 6 will score higher or even win the contest.



We will post updates on who is leading each week to keep you up to date. Anyone who gets one of the artists to share the poll on their Facebook Page or on Twitter will get a major shout out and possibly a prize! But first you will need to listen to the songs in this year’s contest and we here at Eurovision Ireland have pulled together all the videos for you – we are good like that! JUST CLICK HERE

So get voting now!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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