Eurovision 2014

Tooji Seriously Misfires by Using Children in his video for “Packin’ Guns”

Tooji "Packin Guns". Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji “Packin Guns”. Photo : Tooji Facebook

You may remember Tooji from Eurovision 2012 when he represented Norway. The video for his new song “Packin’ Guns” seriously misfires for us. The song is allegedly about “Children’s Human Rights” – a noble concept yet unless I am listening to a different song, I cannot see the reference to this at all. I rather he was “Packin a Thesaurus” and got the message out more clearly.

According to the Scandinavian News Agency

Instead of making the song into a dark ballad, Tooji wanted to create a colorful world where he could free himself from all limitations. By visualizing and creating the opposite of what he would categorize as self-limiting, he would force himself to become something without limits with the help of his own anxiety.

Packin ‘Guns can be interpreted in many different ways, first and foremost, it stands for the fundamental freedom and strength that all humans have within. With a pinch of self-mockery. The music video reinforces a cheerful playfulness that’s Tooji’s irony. Instead of using the older professional dancers we see a bunch of awesome kids, including Toojis nephews.”


I am all for lateral thinking and even thinking outside of that giant managerial box. However on closer inspection of the lyrics for the song I am confused – even more than I am with “Undo My Sad” – as to how this remotely relates to “Children’s Human Rights”. Dare I say it but the video does the complete opposite.


Here is just a short extract from the first verse of the song

“They see us packing guns like we’re military made……”Simply looking fly like we’re gonna get laid…..We come in for the kill, we ride or die”

Don’t even start me on the chorus my dear friends!

Now if this was a song with a gritty video then I would be singing its praises. It is slick and has an edge to it. By far the best song Tooji has released to date.

Tooji Packin Guns Video. Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji Packin Guns Video. Photo : Tooji Facebook


However here is where I have the problem. If you have adult lyrics then why would you have pre teenage children dancing in a video that glorifies the gangster lifestyle. I am certainly not a prude – sure look at the people I hang out with on Facebook ( a Motley Crew)! But please don’t ask me to applaud a video that uses children out of context for the purpose of promoting a song.

I would have respected Tooji more if he had made this “serious” video using adults and made it even more hardcore. Where children’s rights come into this song is still baffling me and all I see is the innocence of children being used to promote a song. Stand by your song Tooji but please don’t make a video like this for pure controversy. Short term gain but possibly long-term pain!

I like the song a lot but the video is a serious misfire! He should have left the safety catch on those guns.

Am I totally over reacting and just too old? Is this “the bomb” or is this just “bombing”?

Help me out people. I think I am turning into my parents!

PS – Tooji has been spending serious time in the gym as he looks like he is “Packin Guns” alright. Those biceps!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and




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