Eurovision 2014

SWITZERLAND 2014 : “In Bed With Eurovision Ireland”

"In Bed With Eurovision Ireland" Photograph courtesy of vintageephemera

“In Bed With Eurovision Ireland” Photograph courtesy of vintageephemera

“In Bed With Eurovision Ireland” is our new segment here at the website. It is our chance to get up close and personal with people who are making the news out there at Eurovision. Our first interview is with Northern Irish singer/song writer Michael James Down. Michael beds down with Eurovision Ireland’s Elaine Dove, to talk about his 2 entries in the Swiss National Selection for Eurovision 2014, making the transition from Eurovision Fan to Eurovision Songwriter and Singer and an incident involving his “wiener” and British Television star Denise Welch. Here is our interview with Michael.

Michael has 2 songs in the Swiss National Selection.

He performs a song himself in the Swiss National Selection that he also co-wrote with Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Johnny Sánchez & Dimitri Stassos. entitled “It’s Not Impossible”. It is a dance club classic in the making. We could see ourselves enjoying this song at Euroclub in Copenhagen next year.

Secondly Michael has a song also in the Swiss National selection that is performed by Daria Kinzer – who represented Croatia in 2011. Michael tells us how this collaboration came about. The song is called “Somebody Like You” that Michael co-wrote again with Andreas Anastasiou, Jonas Gladnikoff and Primoz Poglajen.

You can vote for both songs on-line at the following link as of NOW.

Thanks to Michael for being our first guest “In Bed With Eurovision Ireland”.

Who would you like to see next?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. hahaha I really like this segment.. What a great idea. Enjoyed the interview! Cool to hear from somebody involved in the writing & who is entering himself. He is like on the cusp of being directly involved in the contest 🙂

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