Eurovision 2014

UK & Romanian Duet Bid For Eurovision 2014

UK's Krystal Mills duest with Mircea in the Romanian Eurovision 2014 Pre-Selections. Photo : Krystal Mills Facebook

UK’s Krystal Mills duest with Mircea in the Romanian Eurovision 2014 Pre-Selections. Photo : Krystal Mills Facebook

You may remember we wrote of Krystal Mills who is from Wales and is an avid devotee of Eurovision. Well as the BBC maintain a closed Eurovision selection process, Krystal (like others) submitted a song to the Swiss National Selection but unfortunately did not make it through to the National Final.

“But that never stopped me having the determination to continue pursuing my Eurovision Dream!”

It seems that her Swiss affair has had a positive outcome as Krystal has been approached by Mircea whom has asked her to duet with him on one of his songs in the Romanian pre-selection for Eurovision 2014.

Of the song with Mircea, Krystal said to ESC Insight

“The song has been beautifully written and is a great Duet/Ballad sound. I hope to sing it on that huge stage in Copenhagen to the millions of viewers. Lets hope the Romanians enjoy our new track!”

People had thought that the Romanian Selection for Eurovision 2014 was going to be an internal decision and this was to see the return of Romania’s 2010 duet of Seling/Ovi with the song “Miracle”

Not is the case – so it seems. Mircea said of the duet with Krystal on the song “Cry”

“I look forward for the first pre-selection and I know that Romanian and British audiences will be united behind our song in the spirit of Eurovision, as we do our best to go to Copenhagen.”

No official confirmation from TVR (Romanian National Broadcaster) as to the selection process as of yet. Stay tuned for more information as it comes through to us.

We take our hat off to Krystal for her “Eurovision Determination”. The song should be completed by next week and a video to follow. UK Eurovision fans may have a National Final courtesy of Romania!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESC Insight and Kiki Records

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